Crystal Simmons’Personal page for my hope for Haiti Campaign – Please donate.

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Source: Crystal Simmons’Personal page for my hope for Haiti Campaign – Please donate.

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Crystal Simmons’Personal page for my hope for Haiti Campaign – Please donate.

babies_on_blanket-1500x630Hope for Haiti


Please click on the Hope for Haiti link or this link to follow my campaign:
If you have any questions about the event, please email Hope for Haiti at  

Hope for Haiti is a registered 501(c)3 organization and all gifts made to Hope for Haiti are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Donors will receive a receipt for their contributions.

If you have any questions about the event, please email Hope for Haiti at  

Hope for Haiti is a registered 501(c)3 organization and all gifts made to Hope for Haiti are fully tax deductible to the extent provided by law. Donors will receive a receipt for their contributions.


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Have you lived your best life today!? – 3

Have you lived your best life today!? – 3

Some people like to talk and some to write or type. Whichever it may be, one should use it effectively for communicating true feelings, not nagging or manipulation. There is no place in relationships for either. Also never be evasive. If you don’t have an answer or are not ready to divulge one, simply say so. But,be prepared to have a ready answer available.   Never leave anyone hanging. This is just another way you live your best day by being true to yourself, yet reliable, trustworthy and earnest to others.
Purposely living 

Simply living day by day without some kind of plan and purpose may seem ok in the short term. But not having real commitments and no real responsibilities, living willy nilly gets you no where.  No goals accomplished, no personal growth and nothing to look back on to appreciate.

 Your day must be filled with purpose and it doesn’t hurt if you did at least one thing for yourself. Something as simple as giving yourself a day off from tasks. Just getting off your feet and resting your body, praising it for keeping you going, and please be thankful for your capabilities, what ever they may be.

Our lives must always have room for purpose and plans because without purpose there is no plans and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other. This is the beginning of your best day, taking care of you. If you don’t take care of you now it would be difficult for you to do it later.

Something  you have to consider is, who can you take care of you when you are down?   Your service to others will not be possible if you are incapacitated. So begin your best day with you.


Having a partner with whom you are committed is great but guess what?? How can you share your best self with them if you are not exercising your best self? Even your children if you have them, will suffer. You can’t love them the way you should or may want to. You can’t play with them if you are not at full capacity  when you do things with them. You are listless before the day is halfway finished. You are sleepy during the day, depressed maybe? Lost interest in some if not all activities. You are not eating nutritious meals so that your body is in balance. Next step weight gain . A big no no if you understand the human biorhythm. Weight spirals your body into another level of stress. Is this living your best day? Your best day should be balanced. Food and exercise definitely go together for a healthier you.


What does balance mean? What does balance look like? For each person it’s as unique as the person. It may mean taking a walk before you start your day. For some it may mean a jog, a swim, calisthenics, workout at your gym or if you please a great make out session with your partner. It’s entirely up to each person but you must absolutely start your best day this way. Kicking your metabolism into health zone also means balance so eating the right things, getting non sugary fluids into your temple is equally important to the balance you seek. It’s not rocket science. Your best day is elementary and easy to do if you can slow your roll and enjoy yourself . You only have one chance to take care of your body so the sooner you start, the better.

Work and employment means something different for each person. Some people are content with salaries in the range of 25k and others need it to be 100k while others need it to be millions and that one percent in the billions. It is an individual ambition and one cannot look at the other and be critical of what satisfies monetary wise. Happiness is relative.  In order for us to live our best day  also includes enjoying the fruits of your labor and just being supremely grateful for gainful employment.  

Joy and Peace

Having a hobby and enjoying doing something that lightens your heart and brings joy and peace to your spirit is essential. It doesn’t have to cost you.  Gardening, decorating, baking, cooking, hiking are things you can do with resources you already have. If you enjoy talking to friends and family this is great just be careful about too much personal information going out and also keeping conversations at a limit so you aren’t spending all your time sitting in one spot or just being a couch potato. Keep your body in tune with your mind because remember keeping your body in motion is essential to balance.
Love unique you

Loving yourself is just as potent as loving someone else. When we all realize this little secret in life we will love more passionately, hate less and respect ourselves and others. This is another aspect to our best day.

So as you can see, living your best day it isn’t one dimensional. It’s a multi dimensional purposeful life. We have to be aware and we have to strive for this each day. It cannot be well this person is like that so I’ll just be like that too. You can do much better than that. You are as unique as the sun and the moon. One comes up during the day and the other comes out at night. However, as unique as they each are, they do provide essential services we cannot live without. They are both unique and valuable. Just like you. 

Begin with love in yourself, seek balance, take care of your body because you and you only have one body in this life. There aren’t any replacement part for the originals. Love like the sayings says there is no tomorrow because tomorrow may never come and finally believe in something which brings you joy to your best day.


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9/11 a reminder to pray for those in need 



Good Morning bloggers and readers,  – please be aware of the New WhatsApp scam….previously known as WhatsApp Gold, now they’ve upgraded to WhatsApp VIP to lure you into downloading a virus. You’ve seen it before, we  have seen it on our Facebook pages, or someone else Facebook page.  Unlikely material, usually pornographic or suggestive, anything to catch your attention. The intent is to get you to link and they install malware to your system, oftentimes crippling your system, accessing private info on your computer, i.e. banking, personal etc. So, just ignore things which does not make sense When WhatsApp has sometime new, we will all know about it via the proper channels.


Whatsapp 4G Gold Scam Read the rest of this entry »


Have you lived your best day today ? – 2

Have you lived your best day today ? – 2

Hard Work

Everything we want, need and desire is attainable, but guess what ? Hard work, sleepless nights, fatigue and oftentimes self sacrifice is at the core, along with consistency, which eventually leads to the productive outcome you were seeking.
Executives speak

The Process

Understanding you cannot skip the part where hard work is a must ,and we cannot miss that process, not one step. A fortunate few get to skip the process but don’t be fooled, there are mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome when that happens. 

Above the Fray

 One must be always willing to follow the steps even when opportunities present themselves for skipping certain steps. You have to consider these interrogatives : what am I missing, and what are the lessons I’m missing when I skip a step?

 There is hard work where you just work like a mule but at the end of the day nothing got achieved. Then there is hard work where you outlined goals met certain criteria you established for yourself and everything worked out well. Just as you planned. This type of work is at the core of success in all things; Relationships, marriages, friendships require work and attention to small details. You take nothing for granted and you always give what you wish to receive, and more perhaps. The reward is generally directly forthcoming, and pleasantly enough sometimes indirectly forthcoming from sources you probably never imagined. Someone may be following your work on social media and admires your drive, and wishes to contribute.  I have certainly done it even recently with a young, talented person recently. A relative perhaps has seen all the hard work you dedicated to your project and decides to reward you with a gift of money, time, maybe a free office space for 6-11 months. I am just saying, anything is possible. 

Smart Goals

 Sometimes just thoughts and support from friends and family is enough to spark that extra push to do more or perhaps to keep those creative juices flowing. Just hang in there and make it a great day by living each day as your best day.

Quote Grams
Love and best day today 


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Have you lived your best life today – 1

Have you lived your best day today?
Oftentimes we look back and wonder where has all the time gone? 

 Have we lived our true potential? Hhhmmmm???? 

Run the race with endurance

What else can I do to make it rich or simply to have a better life? 

 I want comforts like the next guy or gal, home, cars and things. What can I do to attain these things? Who is willing to help me? Where can I go for help? 

 The answers are all there. We have to be willing however to seek them out, work hard for them and not just wonder and wish upon a star. Wishing mostly stays inactive in the mind, but action proves beneficial and bears fruits. You just have to believe and persevere and most importantly care for yourself, love yourself.  If you don’t take care of you, you won’t have the capacity to take care of others, much less love anyone.


Live your best day today❤️


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