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Celebrate with me

I celebrate you too

Today October 23rd marks my 9 th year WordPressing. I am so thrilled right now. Thank you WordPress for providing such an awesome platform for myself and other to have the freedom of expression and creativity.

Thanks to all my followers you are the best. Looking forward to many more. Have a great day!

Peace and love

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Worship Treasure

LIVE with Jumbo ft Funke Akinokun, Emmanuel Adamah & Worship Culture

Let’s us Exalt Him with ALL His names, and cross languages knowing He is the same. Amen🙏🏽💕

Wirship Culture feat Funke Akinokun

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Hang in ThereHappy Friday
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Have you ever looked at

  1. Trees
  2. Mountains
  3. Nature
  4. Water


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Everything in life is ordered. They are seasonal, changing constantly and redesigning themselves for survival.

You and I are the same way. There’s no removing ourselves from the dynamic. We have to go with the flow, listen to our body rhythms and actually understand what it wants us to do and follow through and keep ourselves in order.

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Eat balanced, consume things which will enrich your cells not hurt them. Hard lesson for us to learn until we actually have one foot in the grave. But if we keep a healthy balance and keep our bodies in motion we are going to enjoy quality of life. It’s not always perfect but it will improve significantly.

We are what we eat …think about that.

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Spending Responsibly

Following are the types of companies you should avoid in your neighborhoods. Mind you, they are deeply rooted ONLY in poor communities and mostly areas where black people reside.

These rent to own enterprise are suppose to help individuals establish good credit where they possibly had no existing or bad credit. But instead they employ usury and the individuals find themselves in an impossible to pay off situation which they eventually default, lose their possessions because it is repossessed oftentimes, and their credit not improved or even more diminished.

Rent to own allows buyers with no credit, bad credit or little money for a down payment to enter into a purchase contract. The rent-to-own option allows the buyer to establish a steady payment history, and to finally establish traditional credit without lower interest rates.

People usually go into renting appliances, furniture, cars, etc without understanding their contractual agreement. So, first rule – read your contract.

1. You usually have options:

A. Life happens do return the item and freeze the account so you can actually come back later and resume payments and pick up your item or similar.

B. If you do not return items you are in default of a contractual agreement. Oftentimes if it’s a 90 day agreement it can be paid of same as cash so pay off and walk away with peace of mind if you wish to keep the items. You also haven’t lost any money in interest and penalties oftentimes.

C. If the agreement or contract is beyond 6 months be aware you are most likely paying 3 times or more , most likely, the actual value of the item. I will give you and example . You’ve purchase a microwave for $99.00 with taxes in my state that’s $ 109.00 but in 6-12 months under the terms of a rent to buy you most likely end up spending 300-600 due to interest and oftentimes penalties.

There’s is a lot to consider for your financial health as you consider engaging the services of the following businesses which are not intended to give you financial freedom, but rather to

1. Furniture rental or rent to own

2. Appliances rental or rent to own

3. Title company – handing over your vehicles title for short term loans

4. Payday loan

I think you get my point. Save, save, save. Buy what you need in cash. Or if you need to establish credit, do it wisely using short time purchasing paying off over 3 months same as cash.

Get a secured credit card and establish a great payment history. It all comes together for helping you reach those financial goals. Spend responsibly , pay off all open balances or at least more than your monthly due. It is also prudent to have 20 percent or less of the card balance open.

Thank you for reading!!

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The Power of the Black Dollar 💵

The power of the black dollar.

Black consumers are the most analyzed group of people. As consumers, we spend an inordinate amount of money, even if we are poor!!! Clothing, jewelry, makeup, hair products and the biggie for me FOOD. We eat out a lot.

I don’t want to elaborate on our romance with vehicles. Too much of a sore point with me.

Okay, so now during this holiday seasons where are you investing all this money BLACK PEOPLE?

Are we going to continue on with the careless spending or are we going to consciously spend, raise the bar and help to uplift each other instead of discussing? Put your money where your mouth is. I know lots of great black businesses I can steer in your direction.

Make Black America Great Again.

Learn about Black Wall Street


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Commit to buying black as often as you can. This is the only way we can consciously raise ourselves from where we are, to where we want to be.


This is without assistance from Mainstream banks, unless it is a known black bank. Do you know what a black bank looks like? Have you had a lending experience with a financial institution which is vested in you, in your community or your future? Well, that’s an important psychological as well as physical step to take. How do you get there?

Black Banks and credit UnionsClick image to be directed to list

We have to help them to help us so we can help each other.






















God is Superior|خدا برتر است

God is indeed greater and this story is a testimony to His greatness. Please read, comment and visit the author please let her know how she inspired you today.

A Voice from Iran

Sultan Mahmood was a very atrocious king of his time. There are many stories about him and his oppression’s. He is notorious for claiming to own every beautiful woman that he saw or heard about from others.


It didn’t matter to Sultan Mahmood if the beautiful women had husbands, children or families of any kind, he would separate them against their will and take them for himself.

Many women covered their faces in public. They didn’t send their young daughters out to keep them safe from the Sultan. For that reason, Sultan Mahmood rewarded gold coins to anyone who reported beautiful women that were hiding.


There once was a carpenter who was a very hardworking young man. He had a gorgeous wife, who always covered herself to be safe, but somehow an unknown person reported her beauty to the king to be rewarded.  Sultan Mahmood came to visit the carpenter…

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Its your life – experience it!

Life is for living


You have it

Yet you take it for granted

What is life

You wake up pain or not

Yet you complain

What is life

There are those who wish they had more time to live

What is life

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Are you thankful

Are you grateful for life

Do you love your life and are living life

What does living life look like to you

What is life if you are not living

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Positive Change

You are the key

If you desire something, only you and effect the process of achieving that something.

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We tend to believe we are stuck in a place or with someone, sometimes repeated behaviors, sadly because that is what we trick ourselves into believing. We can’t see the future. We exist only in the here and now dilemma.

But, it takes one tiny step towards what may appear to be an impossibility for you to see a light, it may just be a glimmer, but if will get brighter and brighter the more you dyrp towards it.

Set daily goals to achieve so that you don’t step backwards. Even if you fall back momentarily that should be a win.

Whenever we ”fail” or fall there isusually a lesson learned that’s the win to propel you forward. Giving up is not an option.

The you in 6 months, one year, 5 years will be completely transformed.

Positive change oftentimes involves people, places and things which you have no power to change. But, you do have power over yourself.

Change yourself and the positive changes will naturally occur. Don’t be afraid to change your outlook to include people, places and things. Surprisingly they will come along once you stand your ground and implant your mission.

Either they go along or go away. Either way you keep forging forward to keep positive. Mind you, this is not about hurting others. It’s all about making a better you. Sometimes others become better too but the focus has to be you first.

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We are oftentimes misunderstood, more so than dads, grandparents and sibings. Our sacrifices go unheard and unseen.

We are responsible for many things and many people. We take nothing for granted when it comes to our loved ones.

Balancing the cheque book oftentimes and keeping the household running on impossible budgets.

Discipline-we are generally the default bad guy, and we are no fun. That’s what we hear a lot of anyway.

We are no longer attractive to our spouses or significant other when we lose ourselves in life. We run to work, run home, prepare meals, do homework, laundry, chores, bathe, sleep, get up and repeat. We start looking like what we promised ourselves we won’t – tired, worn and unpleasant. Even to ourselves.

We don’t know what a date looks like anymore, much less movie night or romance. There’s no time and especially trusted caretakers to watch our special bundles of joy, when we do look for a date night let alone a weekend? Fuggetaboutit!!!!

Time teaches us valuable lessons about value and worth- for ourselves. When we start loooking after ourselves and finding time for those little things we get the guilt trips.

But we learn quickly, that too shall pass as we go on with the business of taking care of ourselves and being the example for our children to model.

If you don’t care for yourself and play as hard as you work, no one else does it for you.

So mom I love you and Happy Birthday to you this day November 15th, 2018.

May God bless you and keep you always. Thank you for always trying and thank you for being the model I wish to exemplify.


Your one and only daughter


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Sharing the Love

Sharing the compliments

I received feedback from my employer today about a piece of writing I did relating to the company. He indicated my writing was a class act and second to none.

I was pretty humbled by such a feedback for a few reasons.

I do things based on my passion for the subject matter and not the praise or attention.

I appreciated the feedback but automatically I thought “if only he knew some of my wordpress friends and could see some of the awesome stuff you all produce.

I thought I’d share the compliment because I feel like you are all part of my existence as a person since I’ve met each and everyone of you.

You each inspire me.


I wrote this Friday morning on my way to work. Later that afternoon I was honored to receive employee of the month award. I was a little overwhelmed but I realized I work hard and do my best on my job and put in a lot of effort. I decided to be happy for myself and accept the accolades given by those giving it.


Mature Audience Only – New Beginnings


It’s a new month, new beginnings. If you are struggling with something and overcoming. Keep on overcoming. Do not give up.

We struggle not against flesh and blood but against forces of evil which fully intends to destroy us. Destroy our faith, our peace and take our joy. Do not fear and do not give up.

God is ever present. Once you become cognizant of that fact and develop a relationship with your Higher Power you realize it isn’t your battles. It’s God’s, and you hand it over to Him. Once you put the battle in Gods hands, it is already won. Do not give up.

So Never fear, the battle is won even though your vision may be clouded. Never give up. There is a silver lining.

No matter what your struggles may look like or feel like, you are victorious. Your King reigns and the victory remains His.

He did not give up. The battle is won.

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Heartfelt Sympathy Synagogue Shooting

Pittsburgh, PA

I’m always saddened by senseless violence. When people are targeted for religious, political, or anything else for that matter, it should not be tolerated by anyone in society.

I pray this great country a covering of peace, love and God’s grace for us all, no matter our creed, or race.

Sadly the examples readily portrayed in media is perpetuating a visual reminder of hate, and intolerance. This is symptomatic of a greater Ill in society.

In order to love our brothers and sisters, we must love ourselves. If we cannot reconcile love within our individual selves, it would be most difficult to extend love to anyone else.

Let us prayer for this great country’s Healing, and peaceful reconciliation of differences.

Peace to us all🙏🏽

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Mature Audience Only- Dominance???


What does it mean

Photo credit

Man woman

Aren’t we the samePhoto credit

Animated ?

Maybe intellectually



Not physically

Does the physical difference imply superiority and therefore dominance one over the other ?

GooglePhoto credit

Or, does it suggest completeness…The very reason to come together to share, to love, procreate and then grow into something better and more beautiful than self.

Dominance is just control.

What is given, not what is taken is important and beautiful.

You cannot dominate what isn’t given freely.

Any good emperor, king, ruler will concur. His subjects follow him unconditionally based on his ability to rule with a great woman beside him. He looks to her for advise and rules with heart, wisdom, integrity, decisiveness and fairness.

Laughter is good for the spirit and the body
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It is a two way street, not exclusively male or female

We coexistPhoto credit
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Mature audience – O

Mature audience – O

We overthink so much that sometimes we miss the essence of people, places and simple things in living. The true adventure of living, loving and exploring our very existence is missed.

Images thrown at us from media tells us what we are suppose to look like and feel. But we have to be mindful of the tricks and ground ourselves in reality. Especially if we hope to have lasting and meaningful relationships.

Be present and relate
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Sexuality is sold to us on a platter , one of tricky images which tells us we are suppose to be a certain body size or image in order to be adored, or we have to be a certain age to enjoy affection or sex.

Not so, you can be whatever and whoever, sexuality is what you make of it. I’ve even touched on it in previous posts where I explored the topic of intimacy without intercourse leading to more connection long term, rather than jumping into a physical thing which leads no where in the short term.

Ive spoken to men and women who’ve had to reinvent themselves in order to have meaningful interaction outside and inside the bedroom. Intimacy has consistently been the constant when maintaining long term relationships. Really taking time out to enjoy knowing each other rather than jumping into sex.

Women suffering from body image ranging from hair, skin, butt, breast, face, weight, you name it, it’s probably an issue for a woman you know.

Many guys talk about the inability to satisfy a woman due to the size of his penis, and comparing himself to other men based on penis size and weight of wallet., neglecting the size of his heart and weight of his love and creativity in expressing love. Some guys are conscious about body image but I see they compensate much more easily than women for various and sundry reason I won’t get into in this post.

Just understanding the complexities such that taps us into a consciousness of not allowing things out of our control to decrease our pleasure, or deter happiness, plain and simple.

Be happy. Reinvent yourself and have fun
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I’m also not keen on delving into some of the fixes for some of our issues and problems because I feel each individual must know where they are comfortable and what is their limit. Even the professional psychiatrist or psychologist cannot help until you are ready to help yourself. By limit I mean when does the madness stop? We each have a comfort zone and we know exactly when we’ve crossed over into uncomfortable or have reach our limits. I believe we choose to ignore the warning buzzers and only realize how exaggeratory the chosen outcome is only after we’ve made the fumble. But, we live and learn. Hopefully not to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

Hey to happiness?  Enjoy being you.
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I started writing about orgasms believe it or not…but got inspired by other relevant inspirations. While orgasms are really great, they aren’t the end all fix for life. Just imagine never having one or being capable of having one again…what’s next? Exactly. Life goes on, and takes a turn for the exceptional. Exceptional you say? Yes exceptional. You become transformed and renewed. Your life now takes on new meaning. Hopefully positive, positive, positive vibrations. I can only hope and pray for your sake and the onlooking world around you.

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So, When? When are we ever just going to be happy just being ourselves ? How much are we going to change of what God has created, especially when there are minor and unrecognizable issues .

Looking into the eyes of a flawed loved one and loving them even if, and just as can be a powerful aphrodisiac . Be your most relevant, renewed and inspired self.