What’s all the fuss πŸ€”πŸ˜₯🧐

We are all who we are just like everyone else…just like YOU!!!

Some of us are divided

Most of us are NOT!!!!

All we ask?


Financial equality



Why all the arguments?



Why are we looked at differently and treated differently? Worse than your very own pets, which you love and cherish BTWπŸ˜₯


No other groups are disdained. No other group are harassed.

We have had to repeatedly endure leadership being

taken away




Malcolm, Marcus, Sebe, and others.

Any move to rise results in a grave.


Celebrate with me

I celebrate you too

Today October 23rd marks my 9 th year WordPressing. I am so thrilled right now. Thank you WordPress for providing such an awesome platform for myself and other to have the freedom of expression and creativity.

Thanks to all my followers you are the best. Looking forward to many more. Have a great day!

Peace and love

Worship Treasure

LIVE with Jumbo ft Funke Akinokun, Emmanuel Adamah & Worship Culture

Let’s us Exalt Him with ALL His names, and cross languages knowing He is the same. AmenπŸ™πŸ½πŸ’•

Wirship Culture feat Funke Akinokun

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VillageTalk BY Caribguhl





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Hang in ThereHappy Friday


Have you ever looked at

  1. Trees
  2. Mountains
  3. Nature
  4. Water


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Everything in life is ordered. They are seasonal, changing constantly and redesigning themselves for survival.

You and I are the same way. There’s no removing ourselves from the dynamic. We have to go with the flow, listen to our body rhythms and actually understand what it wants us to do and follow through and keep ourselves in order.

MotionPhoto credit

Eat balanced, consume things which will enrich your cells not hurt them. Hard lesson for us to learn until we actually have one foot in the grave. But if we keep a healthy balance and keep our bodies in motion we are going to enjoy quality of life. It’s not always perfect but it will improve significantly.

We are what we eat …think about that.

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Tolerance is so important – Be Kind


We are dealing with basic human kindness here, so let’s learn a little tolerance, tone the anger and superiority down pleaseπŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜‰

Kudos to our bus driver
Oh well πŸ˜•πŸ₯΄πŸ€•πŸ€¨

Stay in touch – small gestures

Make sure you reach out to all the people in your life and see how they are doing.

You don’t have to do a person to person. A phone call will suffice and shows you care, especially in these days of mass hysteria.

Senior relations may need rations so enquire without making them feel like they are a bother.

The infirmed May be locked in and unable to receive optimal care so check in.

Relevant Message – Black Community

Black Man’s message to America 1960’s

Very powerful message.A must see if you want to

Understand some of the injustices black America snd the rest of the African diaspora suffers through.

We do not need handouts, we’ve never asked for handouts. Let’s begin by treating each other as equals, and giving us what’s due to us first in the form of reparations. Every other ethnic group had gotten theirs EXCEPT the black man.

Why is that? That is the question! Do you have any idea? I would love to hear your perspectives.

Black History – East St. Louis, MO 1917

When you look at the damage inflicted on black America via media, politics, one should begin to have a clearer understanding why we are so adamant about doing our own thing. Every single attempt to integrate, normalize or be like every one else is met by violence. See for yourself :

These images clearly show black southern migrants being burnt, tortured, beaten and chased out of their homes. Why?? Fear blacks were taking too many jobs and in effect disenfranchising the white, planted population. Sad as this is, it is a historical black spot we should all remember.

The above video details all the pictures by EJI or Equal Justice Initiative.