What’s all the fuss 🤔😥🧐

We are all who we are just like everyone else…just like YOU!!!

Some of us are divided

Most of us are NOT!!!!

All we ask?


Financial equality



Why all the arguments?



Why are we looked at differently and treated differently? Worse than your very own pets, which you love and cherish BTW😥


No other groups are disdained. No other group are harassed.

We have had to repeatedly endure leadership being

taken away




Malcolm, Marcus, Sebe, and others.

Any move to rise results in a grave.



Celebrate with me

I celebrate you too

Today October 23rd marks my 9 th year WordPressing. I am so thrilled right now. Thank you WordPress for providing such an awesome platform for myself and other to have the freedom of expression and creativity.

Thanks to all my followers you are the best. Looking forward to many more. Have a great day!

Peace and love

Worship Treasure

LIVE with Jumbo ft Funke Akinokun, Emmanuel Adamah & Worship Culture

Let’s us Exalt Him with ALL His names, and cross languages knowing He is the same. Amen🙏🏽💕

Wirship Culture feat Funke Akinokun

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VillageTalk BY Caribguhl





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Hang in ThereHappy Friday


Have you ever looked at

  1. Trees
  2. Mountains
  3. Nature
  4. Water


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Everything in life is ordered. They are seasonal, changing constantly and redesigning themselves for survival.

You and I are the same way. There’s no removing ourselves from the dynamic. We have to go with the flow, listen to our body rhythms and actually understand what it wants us to do and follow through and keep ourselves in order.

MotionPhoto credit

Eat balanced, consume things which will enrich your cells not hurt them. Hard lesson for us to learn until we actually have one foot in the grave. But if we keep a healthy balance and keep our bodies in motion we are going to enjoy quality of life. It’s not always perfect but it will improve significantly.

We are what we eat …think about that.

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Taking the pain away

I wrote this on my Facebook post in 2015 and thought I should not only remind myself of these words, but also share them and hopefully give someone hope.

Use your small opportunities (sometimes you get the big ones), to really enjoy yourself. No one else will do it for you. You may have a small faction of people who are really into you for whatever reason. It could be they just get you, they just adore you or they truly enjoy your essence. These are the keepers. But, don’t put yourself down by comparing yourself to others. God created us each as individuals, and as such we have individual features.

Heart yourself

No two persons are alike. But, at the end of the day you are who you are. Enjoy that person since each day brings different opportunities, adventures, potential successes and sometimes failures (but roll with the punches and get right back up). Don’t look at the things you haven’t done, look at the things you can do. Don’t worry about the naysayers, they are always around…sound them out. Life is about love and enjoying what God has created for you. So, don’t waste your time looking at the negatives – please, keep your eyes on the positives.

It changes your perspective. Try imagine being locked in a box indefinitely and can’t propel yourself out, no matter what you do. The reality is, no matter what you try to do, the box will not open until it’s appointed time. You do not have the control. It is important you realize that (People, places and things – you have no control), so accept the box and work within the confines of that box, but do it with joy in your heart knowing there will be an appointed time. God always has a lesson for us during these no control moments so figure it out. You may not have had a mom or a dad to teach you but if you truly examine your life, there was someone. Someone looking after you, looking over you and caring. So, don’t cheat yourself of happiness by thinking poor me. Just look at who you are , in your heart. Love that person. Shalom.

Just be happy

Your hear Is yours. Treat it well and pour into it what you want others to pour into you. Loving yourself has many rewards and benefits. One reward and benefit is you get your see yourself for who you are and you fall in love with that person, taking away the pain of wanting others to love you.


COVID-19 Vaccination – freedom of choice?

What is the point of showing you’ve been vaccinated on social media? I’m abit baffled. If I’m vaccinated(or not) why exactly is that anyone’s business? Why am I publishing it? Is it a low key pressure to those who are not? If you have a reasonable answer I want to hear you, otherwise please note, I don’t do well with rhetoric.

These times we are in is no joke. We have to stop violating other people’s rights, their right to choose have nothing to do with you, just be wise and follow social distancing protocols. Again, this is my opinion and I understand if you don’t agree so let’s establish now we agree to disagree on this topic.

Freedom of choice…what a phrase! Does it really exist when it comes to this COVID-19 vaccination?

Check in

Good Evening,

It’s been quite some time since I’ve actually posted. I do hope you are doing well and you have overcome all the adversities we’ve all been witnessing and experiencing during the last year and a half.


Too often social media was lit up with racial tensions and grave injustices. Black Lives Matter clashed with Blue Lives Matter amongst so many other clashes. I can’t even believe that was a thing, but hey …that’s the world we live in unfortunately.

Black Lives Matter

Well, guess what? We’ve landed. So wherever you are today, however you are feeling, vaccinated or not. Drop me a note and tell me how you are, what you’ve experienced, and where you are going from here.

I haven’t been working since January 2020, but I’ve been taking care of my mom and my grand daughther. They both act like they are ninety years older , even though neither are even close to that age.


When the pandemic started I wasn’t sure what to do and how to go forward. So much has transpired it’s hard to fit it all in this little post. But, I had family and friends, we all sort of instinctively supported each other because that’s what we all needed. Social distancing meant no birthday parties, no thanksgiving, no Christmas gatherings. It was a strange year but we adapted and everyone figured out the zoom thingy.

I found new friends and had great prayer support daily. Daily inspirations came my day from all sorts of sources. I am thankful !!!

I moved forward by finding something to move me forward. Since I wasn’t working I decided to go back to school and change my marketability. Is that even a word??? Hhmmm ?? Who cares! It is now . That was a great decision as I enjoy the courses I’m in , and I’ll be finished early next year and go on to do my state exams.

That’s just a little about my experiences and take over the las year or so. Hope to hear from you soon!



Art of War

Good Morning.

Hope you are enjoying the start of your weekend. Happy Birthday to celebrants this weekend? Happy Anniversary and please stay safe to those of you at risk.

Plot Thickens

It occurred to me in just this moment as I am reviewing posts on IG and on WhatsApp that there is mass confusion in the air. It is deliberate and strategic. If you’ve ever read The Art of War, you would understand that politics and politicians are one and the same. It really doesn’t matter their color or association. They are ALL driven by the same lust – Money and ultimately power.

You ask yourself well why did they promise this or that? Well beloved that’s what politicians do. They are fishers of men, they know how to bait and tackle . It’s their innate sensor which has been highly tuned for survival of the fittest.

People choose political parties and hang all their hopes that they will do right by their vote. I have news for you today. They don’t care!!! It’s a corrupt and vile system which is oiled and tuned by one sound and one sound alone ….the sound of money and that illusive power.

You wonder what it will take for them to get it right? Well like a serial killer it’s the temporary fix, but they will kill over and over again until they are caught. The only way for the madness to stop, for the unnecessary death of our votes is for us to choose our own dollars in our communities.

The world of commerce is very global and not turning back. Your choices of where you spend your dollars and with whom is still relevant. Do your research and ensure the vendors you support, support you in some way. It must have an impact, even if it is a trickle initially.

Stop spending your votes on candidates who do not give a rats#%£ about you, your community or your next generation. Just look around you, if the state of affairs does not speak volumes to you, I don’t know what it will take to wake you up.

Happy Fathers Day

I learned many years ago my life is what I make of it. Good, bad, and otherwise will happen – that’s just life. I’ve had a difficult time reconciling death I must be honest,, and it takes me a long time to get over the loss. As a believer I understand about life and death and our power over it, but I am still human, so I go through the process of grief in my own way. That said, we all grieve in our own way even for those who are living. Relationships lost, relationship which you’ve never had a chance to have. But here’s the best part I’ve also learned- for every loss there is a gain. You only need to take time to grieve to get to that place where you can actually allow yourself to see what you’ve gained. I cannot articulate it for anyone. For each of us it’s something or someone different. Grieve no more beloved, and walk into the life of gain which He has established for you.

I wrote this for those grieving for a father . What you’ve lost is gained in other ways.

Mental health boost day


Each day you wake up you strive for something. What is it? Is it happiness? Joy? peace? Normal?

I don’t believe in normal only because my normal yesterday is different from normal today.

But I do believe in happiness, joy, peace because these are things I can actively do for myself.

I actually can consciously choose to take step to make a difference each day about how I feel. It’s not easy peasy because it actually takes work, action on my part.

I choose my mental state. I go out and fight to stay positive. I avoid the negatives, I resolve the resolvables so I can have my peace.

Hope you can do the same

Have a great mental health day one day at a time 🥰🇹🇹🥰


Black Lives Matter

Solidarity Friday beloved. I hope you are all being safe in spite of it all. Do not let this warfare steal your joy, your peace nor your humanity. Keep your crown on and know that this too shall pass. They can’t keep their foot on our necks as long as we empower ourselves the right way. First don’t allow all the breeze which blows to sway us away from what’s important. Remember, media targets us so they can divide our opinions, watch us squabble like chickens over stupid and senseless issues, while distracting us from the real issues. So stay focused, stay informed, and put your money where your mouth is- in the black community. #blacklivesmatter

Resilience-stay home stay safe 😷

I’ve been pondering on what to write about and how to put into words how I’ve been feeling these last couple of months.

I’ll start by saying, I hope you are all ok, and have not been too impacted by loss.

I know it’s been trying times akin to warfare. But, like war we must fight to survive and combat the enemy until we emerge victorious. Nothing else is acceptable. So keep on your masks and gloves. Follow all the sanitary guidelines about washing hands, social distancing as best as you can. This is not over so don’t let your guard down.

Like flora we must stay resilient and emerge brilliant, beautiful and ready to shine looking healthy and actually having a stronger immunity than before.

Continue nourishing yourself properly and stay hydrated. Be well beloved

Tolerance is so important – Be Kind


We are dealing with basic human kindness here, so let’s learn a little tolerance, tone the anger and superiority down please🙏🏽😉

Kudos to our bus driver
Oh well 😕🥴🤕🤨

Stay in touch – small gestures

Make sure you reach out to all the people in your life and see how they are doing.

You don’t have to do a person to person. A phone call will suffice and shows you care, especially in these days of mass hysteria.

Senior relations may need rations so enquire without making them feel like they are a bother.

The infirmed May be locked in and unable to receive optimal care so check in.

Relevant Message – Black Community

Black Man’s message to America 1960’s

Very powerful message.A must see if you want to

Understand some of the injustices black America snd the rest of the African diaspora suffers through.

We do not need handouts, we’ve never asked for handouts. Let’s begin by treating each other as equals, and giving us what’s due to us first in the form of reparations. Every other ethnic group had gotten theirs EXCEPT the black man.

Why is that? That is the question! Do you have any idea? I would love to hear your perspectives.

Black History – East St. Louis, MO 1917

When you look at the damage inflicted on black America via media, politics, one should begin to have a clearer understanding why we are so adamant about doing our own thing. Every single attempt to integrate, normalize or be like every one else is met by violence. See for yourself :

These images clearly show black southern migrants being burnt, tortured, beaten and chased out of their homes. Why?? Fear blacks were taking too many jobs and in effect disenfranchising the white, planted population. Sad as this is, it is a historical black spot we should all remember.

The above video details all the pictures by EJI or Equal Justice Initiative.