Customer Service & Corporate Metrics

I thought no one else wrote about this so I was very happy to find this article and be able to reblog it because last Christmas was the absolute wits end at Sears in Kings Plaza (YES I said it…KINGS PLAZA Brooklyn, NY). My daughter purchased some merchandise and I was helping her retrieved them at the merchandise pick up area. Let’s not talk about how long it took me to get the items from the displays (OVER 2 hours – yes! I lie not to you). Then to merchandise pick!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!! Disaster spelled with a capital DDDD!!!!!! My daughter had to walk away. It took me over 1 hour because EVERYONE? was on break and the the guy who was supposed to be working on the front end had to abandon his post, take all the receipts and go to the back end to retrieve merchandise. Visualize the disaster – day before Christmas, 15 or more people waiting for merchandise and more coming each minute. I finally got the merchandise but the funning thing metric was not used when I walked out because he scanned it twice when I walked out. Once when came back with the merchandise and 10 minutes later to show the customer waited only 10 minutes. How do you like those can of beans? Let me know.



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