Customer Service – No no’s

I was recently at the Target pharmacy right here at Flatbush Junction picking up a prescription for my daughter. The strange thing is, I had previously called the prescription in and was told it could be picked up after a certain time the next day. This was totally acceptable. My daughter however received a call saying the meds would not be available until the next day. Again totally acceptable. However, I went in a day after she was told it was due only to be told by the Pharmacist it was not available. What was particularly distressing in this situation was the fact they were fumbling about and not giving me any clear answers, not making any eye contact and not really regarding us as customers. I indicated to one of the interns that I found the situation to be ridiculous and could she clearly tell me when the prescription would become available. Another “pharmacist” stepped in to advise me that they cannot predict when suppliers would be late etc, which totally blew my mind at that juncture. I had to stop him there because that was not a good excuse as far as I was concerned because you are talking about medicines here, not groceries. People depend on getting their prescriptions filled for medical reasons. Now these prescriptions are vitamins and not meant to treat any particular illness, etc. But, I digress. The pharmacist in his wisdom felt I was not listening and told me outright I was not listening to him, and of course I had to inform him I understood quite well what he was saying however I choose not accept his lame excuse. That said, I was told I could get my prescription elsewhere. Nice ending to what could have been a totally different scenario. What do you think?




  1. Kawasaki · April 20, 2012

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  2. crystal48891 · April 18, 2012


    Thank you so much for your suggestions and comments. I will definitely look into them and link up if neessary. Have a great day and come again!



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    • crystal48891 · April 18, 2012

      Thank you so much penny for your kind comments. I appreciate you! Come back again!!!



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