Customer Service – To Do list Daily

This is a brand new day and as I start I begin by walking and praying as I do each morning.   My prayer today is balance.  God please give me balance so that I can prioritize. Pick up the things which are doable and put aside those which are doable another day (LOL).     This energizes me each day to begin and end my day feeling motivated and strengthened – a good 4 mile walk does that to you, especially when you have music playing and you can ignore the doggie poop as you try to walk past it with that UGHhhhhh on your lips (UGgGHHHH!!!!).  I approach issues for my family and then resolving customer issues next. 

I start a task list and I pretty much stick to that list daily to ensure I accomplish things.  Number one is completing my taxes which are due Tuesday April 17th, 2012 and finalizing tasks I’ve started, to be completed for various projects today.

I tend to get aggravated if something is on my list and did not get touched because I felt like I was not tasking myself enough, but at my age I am through at tasking myself like a robot and I now simple make sure I take care of myself, get rest in between projects and be healthy.  No more burning that candle at both end for me.


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