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Customer Service – Happy Wednesday

Big Sister

As I write this article I sit here wondering what do I really want to focus on today?   There are so many things I would like to touch on; my interesting conversation today with a friend about the plight of our children today, and especially how society takes no responsibility for what’s happening with small children.  As a big sister myself I feel responsible for children, but more so as a mother, watching little girls in particular act out on the streets is of utmost importance and concern to me, because I want to get to the root of why they do it, and hopefully find a solution.  Let me not digress.  I also had an interesting trip to the dentist today which was a biggie because there’s lots to be done.


Dick Clark

The biggest news outside of my dental issue was the death of Dick Clark.  This was sad because I did not find out until much later today and I was surprised to hear about it online.  I listen to news practically all day and was surprised not to have heard about the heart attack, and his passing prior to now.   I am saddened at his passing and wish his family all the best.  It must be a really sad time for them, and I am sure he will be missed.  I remember watching him on television when  I was alittle girl. 


My cousin Valerina lives in England and I was thinking about her today, really intensely for some odd reason.  I usually do not call London but I sent her a Facebook inbox message to just say hello and check in on her.  For some odd reason I was thinking about the 100 day count down to the olympics in London as well. Hhhhmmmmmmm!  Strange indeed.  But, who knows!! My mind is like a wondering ship, it can go far and wide.

My Kitchen

I am looking at my kitchen and recapping all these things and thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be wonderful to win the lottery right about now?  Someone to zip in and zip out, clean the kitchen and leave it sparkling clean.

Okay, reality check…and I am off to the wonderful land of chores. See you again soon.