Brooklyn’s Peace Rally Today

Since today is Saturday, I have been busy grocery shopping, getting “some” chores done.  But, I also had to run some errands with my son Mikey.  While we were out and about I decided to take some pictures of the activities around us:

I am starting with the Yugioh Tournament at Bulletproof hobby store on Flatbush Avenue.   I really like this store for a couple of reasons.  1) I am a big comic book person 2) my son has a safe haven in Brooklyn when he’s out and about skateboarding with his friends, and lastly 3) The atmosphere in this store is very nice.  The owner Hank is very cordial and open to young and old alike.  I rate his store a great customer service business.

My son skating/actually racing with another skater - there's the lady looking on in amazement.

Musician playing guitar outside Brooklyn College

Nice lady kind enough to stop and allow me take her picture

Hank # 1 Customer Service Manager

Later on, I discovered there was a Peace Rally and was right in the area to take pictures….How lucky was I?  Hope you enjoy the pictures.