IHOP DAY Today – Great Customer Service Store # 2064 Flatlands Ave

IHOP's Simple and fit omelets

Most people who know me knows I am not a big city person.  Living in New York is truly beautiful sometimes amidst the day-to-day struggles ,  and you simply have to learn to take the good with the bad.  I choose to find good things I can work with daily about New York.  Living in Brooklyn is especially challenging because there are so many issues in various communities.  Where I live in Flatbush the services can be  abysmal. Some providers do not feel like they have to provide (great) service to the community, yet they continue to make money from the community.    Providers expect patrons to pay and shut up, no complaints.  I am not such a consumer.   I make it my business to rate businesses when I have used their service because consumers need to be informed, and they need to be  aware of their rights as consumers.    Nothing hurts me more than to see patrons spend money and walk away dissatisfied.

Princess waiting

I have patronized IHOP # 2064 on Flatlands Avenue a few times since my mom goes to church near-by at CCC.  While I am not a big restaurant person, I do occasionally like to sit down and enjoy a meal I have not prepared with my own hands;  but I am not willing to compromise service quality just to have a great meal.  Everytime, without fail, service at this IHOP was  par excellence.

Sunday Patrons

You are greeted by two teams of people at the front almost simultaneously, unless one team is engaged with a customer.   I felt  it important to commend them not only with a great tip, but by a favorable mention on my blog.  Job well done guys, especially Ayana our server.  Awesome Customer serve.

Mother and daughter beautifully dressed



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