What is your customer Service Credit Score


Why worry like this

While reviewing some credit information today for  a friend, it occurred to me that we work really hard to have great credit when we have a great job and consistent income.  But, it also occurred to me that there are millions out there unemployed, no income for months and many for years, and they have to make do.  How do they keep up their credit score?  How do they convince merchants they are worthy credit risks?  The answer is obvious to me, what about you?

Debtors Prison is not where you want to be.

Well, maintaining a great or mediocre credit score can be a daunting task  if you are 1) unemployed or unemployable 2) if you are a stay at home mother who does not understand what’s happening to your credit (I did not manage my credit because my husband always paid the bills, then I realized I had to improve my score by having some type of credit I managed  month to month).   3) if you are someone who does not understand credit and let your credit manage itself.

According to Credit.com there are discrete ways of rebuilding your credit, increasing your credit score, identifying where you stand in terms of credit worthiness, etc.    There is even a section on dealing with unethical collectors.  I hope you find this information to be both prompt and useful as I did.  Each time I read up a little about credit I learn something.  I was wondering why the big department stores do not start a credit workshop for their customers?  The intent is to help people overcome some of their credit obstacles and not sending potentially long-term customers into credit disrepair and the arms of waiting collectors who are paid to ruin people’s credit (there are a few exceptions who will work with you).  They can improve their own customer credit score by helping customers improve credit, allow flexible repayment plans based on customer’s income after loss of job, etc.


debtors Prison – activerain.com

worried jpeg – hipstercrite.com

worried woman jpeg – blog.faboverfifty.com



  1. Antoine Bordonaro · June 30, 2012

    I always keep my personal Credit Score at a very good ranking regardless of the fact that it is actually hard to maintain it at an excellent level. Our economy is actually not very good currently..


    • crystal48891 · July 8, 2012


      I commend you. That is especially good in today’s economy as credit is king and allows you to do so much even if you do not have a great salary. So, keep up the great job!


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