Customer Service Busy Day


Today is an extremely busy day for me, it is my youngest son Michael’s  birthday (the big 19), I have papers I am editing,  I manage a meetup group of currently 12 women (recently started) where the objective is to walk at least 1 hour daily for energy and health, I also manage a few linkedIn, webpages, and Facebook accounts for a few people.  I am also moving my mom from one address to another today.  My brother Christopher is coming in from military base training to help with the packing of the truck and muscles.  I am trying to get this blog written, then I still have my own home chores I am finishing up.  There are also a few people I must reach out to either via phone, email or facebook, just to say hello.  That’s my day!

In addition to my projects for others I have my own school work and taking care of myself by ensuring I am healthy with daily walks, and now a new calisthenics routine.    As I sat in McDonald’s this morning eating my oatmeal and fruits I was reflecting on my day and where I was going to start first. That was easy enough because it is so necessary to start with myself first so I closed my eyes and said a prayer for guidance and direction so that my steps are ordered in everything this day.

A quick trip to Targets to pick up some supplies now home to start the rest of the day.  My customer service item today is to be as courteous and friendly to everyone I meet because that’s what I like in return from people.  We do not have to stand behind a counter, or have a title of customer service to be nice.  It should be a natural thing for each of us (especially if we want others to be courteous to us in return).  We should each make it our business today and every day to be kind to someone in the service industry just because.  Sometimes it makes a difference in their day and consequently yours and mine.  So, let’s pay it forward even on busy days.



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