Customer Service – Can’t please all the people all the time

My children are my image

Friday was a productive day but the lesson learned is I cannot please everyone.  As a customer service person, I try to apply productivity skills and people skills in all aspects of my life and not just work.  As Friday was my son’s birthday, it was also the day I had to move my mom.  My brother Christopher came from military training to drive the moving truck and help do most of the heavy lifting.  We did it all by ourselves.  It was difficult, but we did it.  So, mom is all moved in and she is very happy.  Her furniture arrived yesterday and she’s all set up to go.

On the other hand, my son Michael had his birthday on Friday and flat-out refused to come over and help us because he wanted to celebrate his birthday.  A brief call for help resulted in him turning down my request.  I had to temper my reaction to his turn down because he is my son, and as far as I know he is still a child, and should follow through on all requests (from me).  Maybe I’m dreaming.  So, I’m still not over that.  Due to the several hours it took to move mom we were unable to go to his birthday dinner.  But, to top it off when we tried to do the dinner on Saturday he did not want to attend.  After I was done doing my mom moving on Saturday  I arrived home to find a host of his friends at MY house, with Lo and Behold a “birthday cake” to celebrate his birthday!  So of  course I went on a mommy rampage and informed him that was the last straw.  How dare your friends show up here to act as though they were your only solace?  I also told him his family will always be his family but friends come and go.  I was pretty livid because the birthday cake we bought is still in the freezer with the ice cream.

I  had to put my foot down at this juncture and I addressed this message to his friends, not him.  They no longer are allowed at my home before 12 p.m. and after 7 p.m.   They are all college students and I thought this stunt was pretty low.  Friends positively support friends, not negatively.  I felt if they were worth being called friends, they would have all collectively looked at the situation,  and jumped in willingly  to help and assist his Nana.  Then his friends and he  could have had a great birthday dinner with cake and ice cream – ON HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!   Also, they should not encourage his insolence by then buying an extra cake to show him sympathy?  I felt this to be very negative behavior from all his friends, and him for encouraging it.  I would have said, “look I have to help my granny, then we can do dinner and enjoy the birthday all weekend long”.


Discipline comes in many forms

friends love to lead you astray

I have implemented a host of other measures to get him on the straight on narrow.  This is the last straw. I need him not only to see how  terribly wrong he was, but I also want him to understand how much he has hurt not only me, but his grandmother.  As a customer service person I know I cannot please everyone but I made the proper requests, scheduled everything to accommodate everyone, and it was up to the parties to accept or deny the options.  In this case, he  one denied my efforts to help, unfortunately it will result in some hard-core consequences for him (as his Mother).  Now, if this were a real customer, the situation would have been different.  I would have had to make sure the birthday party went off regardless of what was happening in my personal life.  That’s the only difference in customer service.



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