Pants on the Ground

I haven’t posted a blog in over two week.  This isn’t due to me having nothing to say (fat chance).  It’s due in part to my job hunting,  and having a very busy schedule with my other projects.    During my two weeks downtime I have thought alot about this whole issue of pants on the ground..   Firstly, I am disgusted!  That’s my initial impression and emotion.  Who wants to see someone elses butt or underwear!!!????  Ughhhhh!  I dont’ care how you dress it up, it is plain nasty…NASTY!!!!!


This is from

After seeing these real images of young men especially, particularly the younger men,and  those like my sons who have futures wearing their pants like this, I get more and more concerned  because it is not a good image at all.

Mothers need to be speaking out against this autrocity.  In my house I do!  I don’t like it and I do not encourage it.  I don’t allow other kids to come to my house dressed like that either.  I have a whole barrage of questions I ask if I do see one of my son’s friend (which I usually do not see – they all seem to be respectable young men – thank God!)

Fathers too!  Pull them up by their bootstraps.  Lay down the law.  Stop giving them allowances to purchase these kinds of clothing.  You bring in the bacon, so control the child.  I know it’s not so elementary but sometimes basic things work.  Try it!    If that does not work, great …more money in your pocket.

Not Your Best Day indeed! for credit for this image

I cannot imagine why schools (Public or Private) would allow students to walk into their buildings with their pants on the ground.   I know schools are in the business of firstly, educating our children and do not often want to get caught up too much in this issue.  But, my goodness!  This problem is now explosive and with so much consequences – the negative imagery, sterotyping associated with this “fashion”, black community primarily associated with this “fashion” and branded as a cultural norm, when  in fact a large percentage of the black community rejects this “fashion”.

Nothing to be proud of

Nothing to be proud of by

I would love kids today to think of kids of tomorrow.  What is the example they are portraying to the next generation?  How would they feel in twenty years to see kids wearing their pants like this or worse?

We certainly do not want to make this a normal image for our youth

This is not what we want for the next generation by


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