Hello Again

Dr. Steve Perry Save My Son

Hello everyone,

It has been sometime now since I’ve last posted to my blog.  I am a first time grandmother of a beautiful baby girl.  I also had a health situation with a close family member.  We are now all doing much better.  Today I have to figure out what I want to write about.  I’m thinking of the pants on the ground issue which is a big, big issue for me.  I have sons and I don’t want them to resolve in their minds this is a style or even that it is ok since everyone else seem comfortable with them dressing like this.  I am not comfortable and I want every young man and woman to understand this, then  migrate to dressing appropriately.

The next big issue for me is youth employment.  So many of the young men and women I know are searching for work and cannot find anything to do without compromising their school/academic schedules.  They are trying to assert their independence and enjoy a little bit of their lives as well.  Many are penniless oftentimes.  I had a young man break into my home recently and steal several handheld devices and game systems.  This is indicative of so many things.  One is lack of positive leadership, but I think the fundamental thing is no regard for authority.

That said, I want to introduce Dr. Steve Perry’s show – Save my son.  I think every parent should watch this show because it does not relate only to sons, but to daughters as well.  But, he’s targeting boys because they are a distressed population in our community.  I hope you all get a chance to review his information and provide feedback.  Let me know what you think, relate your own experiences if you feel led to.  Looking forward to hearing from you all.  Remember, our children are our future leaders.  They give us a window into the future and the type of world we as well as our children, and their children would be living in.



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