Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013

men looking for work


Welcome to 2013 Bloggers, faithful readers and surfers.   This is my first post in a few months and the first one for the New Year 2013.   I am so interested in what’s happening with employment in this state of New York and across the country because it is affecting so many, including myself.   My heart goes out to so many people I’ve met in my journey.  People with children and no income to even purchase diapers and formula.

Many of these folks are not willing to submit to food stamp or social services.   They just don’t feel right doing it.  I’ve had to convince a few to do food stamps just to take their families through the tough time, or until a job was secured.   It’s heartbreaking to see.

Hopes and Dreams

Let’s pray the hopes and dreams of those unemployed as the pictures depict are realized and the deserving find jobs which can help to alleviate financial issues for those making an effort to maintain themselves.  For me, I had to take charge and contact my creditor before things got out of control.  Not many people understand the creditors will work with you, but you have to make the call.  Take the stress of where you can and help yourself beyond the moment and the pressure you are feeling.

Christmas holiday was very difficult for many but I saw happy faces and grateful hearts regardless.  I feel hopeful that the economic situation will improve and many of my friends and associates, even family would rise from their situations and feel better as the new year goes on.  In all my years I have never had unemployment and I have had to apply last week for the very first time.  It’s an interesting experience.


I was reading the Washington Post online and the unemployment statistics The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications rose by 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 372,000 in the week ended Dec. 29. The previous week’s total was revised higher (2013).    However they do indicate these figures are distorted by the holiday.


State Unemployment offices

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