The Courier

The new year started very interesting for me.  I’ve had many challenging moments and events but I digress.  The interesting points were my interaction with a courier (I won’t mention the name of the company only because I am giving them a chance to remedy the situation).  However, I was walking along one of our local roads here in Brooklyn and my son and his friends were skating ahead of me.  The courier and his helper said something very derogatory about my son and I mention to him (since he was being so vocal) the young man in question is my son.  His response to me was ” I don’t give a F*** ”    I responded to him in plain language (nothing else would suffice for me).  But as I walked away I became more infuriated because he was wrong for what he said in both instances and mostly his behavior in the community enraged me.  No other community would he have been allowed to speak like that or interact as though he did not care or value those who are paying him indirectly.  So, I had my son take a picture of the truck’s license plate and went on my disgruntled way…steaming all the way.  Upon arriving home a few hours later I of course called up the 800 number for the courier service and lodged my complaint along with a copy of the license.  It is not my hope that he is fired, but I do hope he is reprimanded severely.  People have to understand the value of their jobs and they also have to respect every community, not just select communities.


Okay, so last Saturday I ventured into a local laundromat to do some laundry.  It has been sometime since I’ve done so because I usually do it at home, but I had some heavy blankets and needed a big machine.  So off I went!  Upon entering the laundromat I first asked the question “can I use the card I usually use at the other place down the street?”   I was of course greeted with nonchalance and a response of “I don’t know”   I don’t like either because if you are working there I expect you to be chipper in your response and knowledgeable.  At least pretend to be happy and attempt to be knowledgeable.   It helps.  However, the attendant was neither.

Drama Develops

So, I said “Okkkkkkk?????” and walked away.  A few minutes later she decides to conjure up some knowledge and says “miss, miss, miss????”  I of course turned around and inquired if she was speaking to me and she then belts out “here!” and hands me another laundry card.  Now I have three.  I decided it’s best not to argue with this heifer but instead decided to take the peace-offering of the card.  I added my money ($ 20) and started my wash.  I wanted to get out of that forsaken place as quickly as possible.


Lo and Behold

When I started the machine the first thing it does is ERR!! Go figure!  So, I let it clear and tried loading money unto it again and it starts, but it shows my balance incorrectly.  It’s at least 6.50 less than it should be.  So, of course I go to the attendant again (RELUCTANTLY this time) and explained what happened.  This time she started speaking to me in a most belittling way and I had to stop her.  I told I simply wanted my money back on my card.  That’s all I really wanted from her.  So she goes to the booth and starts slapping her book around and supposedly talking to herself, but I could hear what she was saying and did not like one word of it.  Which I believe was her intention.   Anyway, I told her keep the money and understand this – you are the most obnoxious and disgusting customer service person I have ever had the misfortune to meet.  She started making fun of my use of words and say “oooohhhh obnoxious and disgusting……ohhhh!   It was so surreal I literally had to pinch myself.   I truly suspect she was volunteering?   I cannot believe anyone in a paid position (or otherwise for that matter) would behave in such a way.

40 Acres and a Mule

I wasn’t asking for a lottery winning.  I was merely asking for my due and what I had worked for.  My 6.50 to be exact.  That’s it.  I decided I was not going to lose my temper further.  I was not going to interact with someone who obviously did not want to do their job.   So, I looked around for a number for management – there is no such number posted by the way.  I tried calling 411 for the number of the laundry but it rings and rings off the hook.  My last recourse was to come back to this forsaken place which I did the next morning to speak with another attendant.  This new attendant tells me she could not reimburse me however she gave me a number to a manager.  It took me 3 days to finally reach the manager because her voicemail box was full (do you wonder why?????)  When I was finally able to reach through to the manager her first question was “who gave you my number?”


I did manage to explain to the manager what had happened and she apologized and mentioned I can come back in and retrieve my lost money.

In the backdrop I am thinking of all the people who have been cheated by this attendant.  Many unable to speak back in their own defense because of language barriers, etc.   My biggest question is why would management allow such a person to work in such a public place representing their valuable image?


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