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Recently I’ve heard so many negative comments about President Obama, it’s just amazing.  He may not be perfect, but I thank God for him, especially since he has been doing so much towards raising the country’s consciousness about black images.   So many want to believe the hype that “all” blacks are lazy, shiftless, uneducated, violent, and just unambitious.   As president, Obama has been able to disprove all those stereotypes, and also to create a platform for young, black kids, especially those without positive role models,  to realize they have alternatives.

What choices will our children make

As we view social media and television it seems the African communities across the diaspora is under severe attack, especially our men.   We have to bring our social life back under control, and we have to do it quickly.   Order has to be restored.  The shootings, the arrests, the  embarrassing public displays.  I cringe just thinking about the kids who are sitting behind their computers and looking on.  What are they thinking?  How are they digesting all of this?  Where will they be in 10-20 years as a result?  Who will they emulate?  Action is required on each individual.  I’m not talking about Essence, Ebony, BET, and these mediums of entertainment.  I mean action from the point of view of men who are employed, underemployed in some cases, self employed and even those involved in sports who can play a proactive role in the lives of children who are in need of mentors.   A takes a village, and it takes a village to move a child in the direction of self-sufficiency.


There are resources available for those in needs.  Whether you are in need of food, shelter, clothing, etc.

  •   This organization can point you in the direction of housing, food, clothing, legal and even employment.  But I would suggest you sign up with a few temporary agencies on your own as well, to give yourself more options.  Most of these agencies are dependent on grants, so essentially you are a number to them.  But, you learn a lot, so I won’t so they are totally useless.  Notice I said, they can point you in the direction.  Don’t depend on them to find anything for you.
  • National Housing Services(NHS)  provides the following, (Emergency Home Repairs, Financial capability assistance, first time home owners information, foreclosure intervention, home improvement, refinance information).
  • Banks –

Picture Gallery – Historical

my accra and saltfish dish

Nice lady kind enough to stop and allow me take her picture

Nice lady kind enough to stop and allow me take her picture

My children are my image

reflection photoKeira wyattvillage of god's children love a child with the love of godbringbackourgirls 152days


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