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Have you lived your best life today – 1

Have you lived your best day today?
Oftentimes we look back and wonder where has all the time gone? 

 Have we lived our true potential? Hhhmmmm???? 

Run the race with endurance

What else can I do to make it rich or simply to have a better life? 

 I want comforts like the next guy or gal, home, cars and things. What can I do to attain these things? Who is willing to help me? Where can I go for help? 

 The answers are all there. We have to be willing however to seek them out, work hard for them and not just wonder and wish upon a star. Wishing mostly stays inactive in the mind, but action proves beneficial and bears fruits. You just have to believe and persevere and most importantly care for yourself, love yourself.  If you don’t take care of you, you won’t have the capacity to take care of others, much less love anyone.


Live your best day today❤️


2 thoughts on “Have you lived your best life today – 1”

  1. Dear Crystal–Just a great hello to you from an old friend Mac McCarrell from Bible Study at MIDWAY Has been a long time since I have heard from you. Still active in Bible Study Midway. Say that you are hearing from an old friend is quite true. Am 88 yrs young and still active. Let me hear from you. Best wishes Mac McCarrell

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