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Life’s little surprises

I’m having my gallstone removed on Thursday this week so.  But I’m sitting in the emergency room of Queens Hospital because my pre-op revealed my pressure is really high, and they are unable to clear me for surgery unless my diastolic dropped below 90.  Right now it’s 167/115.  

I arrived here @11:10 for an 11:30 appointment. Everything was ok until they took my blood pressure.

I knew this morning I wasn’t feeling that hot, but I ha no idea my pressure was that high.  A slight headache has now turned into my eyes feeling cloudy, and a tiny pain in my left arm has now escalated to a more noticeable stabbing effect.

I am uncertain as to whether or not the procedure will take place on Thursday or not because everything is dependent on my pressure dropping below 90 at this juncture., but I am optimistic😃

Still life
Like my nurse said earlier in the main hospital – try to think about something which relaxes you. I guess that’s why I’m writing this now 💕

Namaste – Crystal

Queens Hospital

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