Fire on the subway MTA/LIRR

State of disgust

LIRR seats

I take the Long Island Rail Road to work mostly. I detest the putrid trains. The vagrants, the stench, the vermin, the utter sewer we pay for the privilege and honor of commuting daily.  Got on the LIRR this morning and I am thrown into a perpetual state of disgust, reminding me of the very subway trains I have tried to not use, unless I absolutely must.

What am I sitting in really????

I feel like I am about to lose my tummy. The smell is so bad in car 7367 on the 5:52 commuter from Jamaica to Atlantic that I’m sitting here wondering if I’m possibly sitting in the barf?  

Who has it worse?

Fire on MTAs tracks

When will this system ever get better?  I See people run on and off the trains at some stations, armed with brooms and shovel.  They look as disgruntled as the commuters who have to ride on the swill.  Who has it worse, the commuters or the employees?  I guess it’s equanimity but I pay to ride and I expect the trains as well as its environs to be clean, smelling decent, and not roach, rats and other vermin infested😰😰😰😰😰 UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

NYC rats out of control
I started writing this post at 6:50 am.  It is now 6:59 pm and I’m still super irritated at the state of our mass transit system.  

Commuting back home versus commuting to work does not hold a special place for me as it should, and that disturbs me terribly.  Every experience I have, especially when I invest in it, like I do with the very expensive MTA cost, should have some level of comfort.  Bah humbug!!!!!  Why do I have to complain like a hag over something this simple?  We pay  to ride, shouldn’t they make the experience  more palatable?

Hope tomorrow brings a cleaner ride🤔. I can hope can I ?



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