During our #Lental/Easter season let us without hesitation #generously #donate #resources to those who are #less-fortunate or unable to do better for themselves and/or their families. You and I may have #ample #food and I for one do not one to know or see others being hungry.

#Hunger #plagues many poor #widows, #orphans #families in the #NewYork area, and many are too #ashamed to ask for #help. Some are even #not-qualified based #income-slidingscale to receive meager assistance, and for a #man supporting his family week by week and in some cases day by day this is most #disheartening and may make him feel less than a man. Let’s help him take care of himself, his family and keep his pride intact. Hell the children get their food, school clothing and other clothing to lift their sense of worth and value. Simple things we take for granted like a pair of shoes makes a huge difference to a child, medicine and therapy is often sorely lacking. The need is great, we can make a difference,

Locate a local nonprofit or church and be specific where you would like your donation to go. Let’s make a difference today! #caribguhl


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