Village Talk 5.19.17


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Our bodies, surprise, are not immune to disease. So. How you treat your body daily is important, suffice to say. Considering, biology, environmental factors, foods, even your mental disposition daily, is so important in maintaining better health.

Maintain You

Just think of your car, your home, your yards, your pets, even job….how much do you put into each? Well, that’s the same effort if not more you should put into yourself, your body , your mental state and your health. Don’t take yourself for granted. Take care of you.


My daily contribution:

so today I was on Whatsapp with my aunt Joy in Trinidad, and we were discussing aging, and keeping ourselves looking our very best.  She sent me this phenomenal video and I immediately tried it out, so I’m sharing and hope you all (men & women) benefit from the results.  I certainly tried it out immediately and I am LOVING the results on my face and neck.  So, please try it out and let me know.  I’m inserting the video for you all to check out.  Enjoy.  Khichi Beauty



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