Good Vibes

Positive Living takes conscious effort

I am big on positive thinking , even in the midst of not so positive situations. I don’t just say positive things, I exemplify it in my day to day. That’s just my philosophical approach to living.

Half full

I much rather see a cup as half full than half empty. It is deliberate and extremely beneficial to me holistically.

Thank you

Thank you to my 200 Followers. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and wanted you to know I don’t take your likes and follows for granted. I do my best to follow up, respond, comment on each person. If I do not – it’s still a work in progress and I am striving on doing much better.

Every like is an experience because it comes from a person with a real life, a real personality, with interesting blogs and contributions, and not a made up profile. I value you and deem you worthy. Thank you once again.

All the best to you and I pray 2019 is much better than any other year previously. May God’s favor be ever upon you hereafter.

Happy Old Year!

Happy New Year!

Good vibes and continue writing from your heart.


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