Happy Birthday Aunty Joy 1.9.19

Happy Birthday Aunty Joy

We are more like sisters than aunt and niece but you’ve always been that person I look up to because I know your heart is always in the right place.

I can always remember you coming to my aid when we were children. My brothers and I always reminisce and lovingly about how overprotective you were of us. That’s just you 100% and I know today you are fiercely overprotective of your own children. They are fortunate to have you as their momma.

There’s no guessing with you what’s on your mind. It shows on your face 🤣 and in your eyes. This is a rare thing today since most people wear masks of deception, thus taking away their authenticity unfortunately.

You are unpretentious, precious, always open to learning while keeping things balanced, and you are SO full of humor. I don’t know another like you dear Aunt.

I love you dearly and I wish God’s truest fulfillment of his plan and purpose for you and yours.

I celebrate you with prays and thanksgiving. May the heavens rejoice today as we celebrate and love you today 1.9.19 on your special day. God bless you pressed down and overflowing.



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