Benefits of no meat Diet (my perspective)

My reasons for not eating meat

1. I’ve never been comfortable with meat consumption. It does not feel right. The older I became i have managed to clean up my diet

2. It isn’t healthy for me. Too many risk factors including artificial meats and addition of steroids etc which effects my health and wellbeing

3. I am healthier and i feel healthier

4. Since eliminating meats i look at food differently and i make healthier choices

5. Since i am more sensitive about what i eat i have become wiser in my spending as well. I actually save money due



  1. Chiru · January 29

    That’s true that avoiding meat we can keep our health on track..

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  2. allysnotebook · January 25

    I mainly eat vegetables and fish. I sometimes eat a small amount of meat and chicken.

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    • Village Talk Caribguhl · January 25

      Good stuff. is this your normal regimen or something you’ve over time implemented? Would you say eating less animal protein is better or no ?

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      • allysnotebook · January 25

        My system feels more comfortable when I don’t eat too much animal protein. I use a minimal amount low fat lactose free milk. I like cheese but don’t over indulge. Eggs are ok. As for vegetables as much as I want to eat but not too many potatoes. I starting seeing a Dietician last Thursday with the goal of loosing weight and managing to live without a thyroid. The results will be how I am feeling and of course the scales 🙂

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      • Village Talk Caribguhl · January 26

        Yrs I hear you. My grandmother advocated balance in all things to achieve wellness. Great stuff and stay well. Thanks for sharing🥰


  3. TheAyeshaSite · January 25

    I’m sort of vegetarian but I eat fish and seafood. I am much healthier. Pescetarian diet all the way. The only diet healthier is vegan.

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