Believe it’s a Good Friday

Yesterday 4.17.19 I wrote this affirmation to myself.

I feel victorious tonight and at the same time while I’m enjoying this major victory I get a direct attack on my victory.

I was elated, then my mind shifted to some issues I’m currently experiencing and working out.


I had to remind myself of that victory which was no small matter. All day I petitioned for the victory and I received it so I had to speak more positivity into the situation which was trying to creep in and destroy my joy.

I am thankful Andi know God has much more victories in store for me and mine.


I am thankful today as I am everyday for the ups, the downs and in betweens. Everything which happens has a reason. It’s all about my reaction, response and reasoning.

If I react to everything without examining and analyzing “what is really happening”….then I’m bound to react, rather than respond.

When I respond, generally I’ve taken the time to ask the relevant questions, and give it a reasonable look over.

Being reasonable is subjective, I know but you know what I mean. I’ve look at other points of views and employed some critical thinking.

So this is why I am thankful mostly because I do try to do everything with love. God knows.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend and Happy Holy Easter to you all.


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