A Day to Remember

Do you remember because of one day?

Do you remember ?

Many have given their lives for freedom, justice, and human rights. Whether you agree or not of the process. Remember the fallen.


The Battle is Already Won

The battle is already won

Sometimes when we look back at our battles, all we can see are our wounds. We do not see our victories.

Some of our battles were so all-consuming the wounds seem indelible. The ability to heal sometimes is a conscious and all encompassing effort, psychologically and physically.

Is it impossible to heal and be eventually happy with our wins? It’s entirely up to you.

My opinion? Yes! Absolutely! Never allow any situation to take you out, to defeat you or bring you so down that you stay down. It is only human to feel emotions. Deal with them and move to the next door or window which is your victory waiting for you.

If you don’t move that victory won’t discover itself and you will stay wallowing in your battles, feeling defeated every step you make. Now, is that what God destined for you or are your battles already won?

Stand firm