My week’s adventures

New York Adventures

Monday thru Wednesday were pretty uneventful except I haven’t been feeling so great. My sciatic is out of control and all I can think about is my vacation next week where I can finally go to my doctor and see what can be done.

Thursday unfortunately I wasn’t feeling especially well so I took my time rising from my bed, even though my eyes were open before 4am. I thanked God for His mercies, checked the time, the weather and got ready for the day.

I waited maybe 10 minutes for a bus until I grew tired of waiting and Lyfted myself to the train. Finally got to the train and they had a delay due to another train stalled in front of us, go figure. The engineer announced they will reverse the train and change tracks in order to proceed.

I wondered why they didn’t get that brilliant idea 10 minutes earlier, rather than letting us sit there all that time. I’m certain this wasn’t the first time they’ve had a stalled train. It was actually my first time experiencing such a reverse but it wasn’t like a reverse in a vehicle. The train simply changes direction so it really doesn’t feel different. But you are aware you are going in the opposite directions of your intended destination.

Thankfully we arrived to our station destination where I had to get another Lyft to take me the office so I would arrive on time.


Leaving work on this day is always a chore because there’s so much I want to do before Monday but I never seem to have enough time, no matter how much I plan. So to raise my spirit I took my mom out so she could do some necessary chores and then had her hair done.

Saturday and Sunday was mostly getting the garden weeded, mulched and looking like someone lived there. I took some TLC time and watched my Nollywood on Netflix – well mostly it was watching me.

Have a great new day and an even more brilliant week!


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