Service tips πŸ’‘ πŸ’‘ πŸ’‘ πŸ’‘

Service tips

I was recently reminded by a new server at a bodega I frequent, of the tipping jar… no he did not just tell me I have to tip him?

Initially I was looking at him crossed eyed but then I realized he was new and wasn’t familiar with me as a regular patron so I bit my lips.

But to me tipping is very important because this is how many service people make up the difference in their pay scale, plus I think it is nice to receive money like this to do with as you please day to day:

1. Save for a rainy day

2. Holiday club

3. Rent

4. Car payment

5. Pay off loans

6. Buy yourself something special

7. Emergency funds

8. Children’s allowance

Usually what I do is but an amount in the tip jar once every month based on my expenses on my card. So basically I go back on my card and add up how much I’ve spent then do a percentage for tips each month. There have been months where I’ve gone less and others where I’ve done more.

It’s worth it to me to see someone smile in gratitude and also I’ve been blessed exceedingly and will continue to be blessed in so many ways because I give. Simple formula.

Also, it cost zero dollars just to be kind.

Here is a list of people you should tip, and how much…at your discretion.

Tipping scale

Am I Black Enough ???

Poem by Yaw Keyermateng – “Ancestral Ghosts” @WANPOETRY

In our blackness I bind us – it is our ancestors dying wish

Warning- strong language

Never Forget β€” Children of Afrika

By Thando Sipuye

Every once in awhile someone releases, recites, publishes something worthy of mentioning, posting and exploring further.

As a people we don’t have to hate anyone, and we do not generally. However, we have to look at our history, aberrant treatments handed down to us in hopes of keeping us lower than animals. We have to clear our path to a new ownership of self, understanding clearly we are not chattel to be bought and sold on the auction block, felt up, defiled then told we are worthless.

As we move forward we must raise our individual and collective standards remembering everything done by one is labeled to each and everyone of us in the eyes of the person or persons wishing to keep their foot on our necks.

I know, it’s an impossible mission, but as an individual you can do your best to make a difference and to change our community for a better one.

Remember to buy black. It’s the only way out of this servitude.


Children of Afrika Poem by Thando Sipuye

In order to have a better future..we must remember what we have been through in the past. Remember you are Royalty.

Intimacy and you πŸ€— πŸ€—



It’s a shared experience

It’s not one sided

And it’s not something you have or feel and the other person does not.

If you want intimacy you have to ask for it. You’ll need to communicate what intimacy means to you so the other party clearly understands

This word has so many dimensions so don’t underestimate your need or that of your partner. You may be losing so many enriching experiences, just because you have no idea what dimension of intimacy is required in your relationship.

You cannot be intimate only in your head. Intimacy is a physical act which starts by communicating …

What does intimacy mean to you?

What is Beach Sand 🐚 🐚 🐚 🐠 🐟 πŸ’« 🌊 πŸŒŠ

Well I’m sitting here on this Saturday and the question occurred to me? I had some basic idea, but there’s more in the mortar beside the pestle…so here goes.

β€œSand is basically the material you get when you get a breakdown in rocks, when the rocks weather and decompose over hundreds of thousands and millions of years,” said Jeff Williams, senior scientist emeritus for the U.S. Geological Survey Woods Hole Science Center. [Stunning rSands Gallery: A Rainbow of Beaches]

For more details ….