Angry Black Woman Sterotype

I was recently told my demeanor is reserved yet in another breath I’m aggressive or non congenial ??? What??? Yes, and it will behoove me to be more thankful, and I have to be more friendly and pleasant!! Wow!!!

The whole experience is almost like a dream yet I know it’s real.

I’m a firm believer in people and differences and I put my foot down when others think they can control your narrative or are in control period.

I am a black woman, that’s not gonna change. Just because I am assertive does not correlate with violence or aggression.

People have to stop that hype. Seriously!!! It is very annoying.

No matter your training, education or upbringing, if you aren’t being a fool and acting a fool you are too serious and disciplined??? Really???

4 thoughts on “Angry Black Woman Sterotype

  1. Lincoln Roland says:

    It’s I think all about SOCiETAL CONTROL, once YOU’RE DIFFERENT; YOU are a PROBLEM because have control of ONESELF throws persons in a spin of confusion, when it’s realized that YOU are not ALEXA, Hi BiXBY or Hello GOOGLE controllable.

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  2. I guess. I’m not a fake smile sort of person. My face shows my emotions. That said, it doesn’t mean I will take it further because that’s just an emotion. I think people just need to stop trying to label black women as angry because it is sheer and utter nonsense. 99.99% of the time I’m in pure happy moods until foolishness like this hands down

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