Division Six Discussions不不不

Let the gab begin

Discussions are discussions which require skills such as the athletic discussions of the highest division , eh 尹

Now let me differentiate somethings Here

There are sometimes trade secrets, DIY

information, including how all the home remedies from old thymes Trinidad 屢 are now considered – big word here, please dont stumble – 尹naturopathic. Wasnt it naturopathic when you were taking senna and worm grass???

Oh, let me not forget about the goo goo, gaa gaa baby talk which there is no escaping the talks and videos and pics – repeatedly, even though you saw these self same famous shots AND videos TWICE before!!!!

Next level is the children touting which can go several ways, but the most mentioned are as follows , not necessarily in order so brace yuhself eh…

1. My son/daughter graduated with highest honors

2. Their salary is….

3. Their house bigger than

4. I can sit in the pantry like it is a porch

5. Their wife/husband have a big big job

6. Their job promoted them

7. Baby in the oven Next

8. I never knew I would sit in Bentley in my lifetime

9. When the gran start walking I want a video

10. He started walking at 2 days old 予

to be continued 不不不不

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