Nigeria Travel/Terror Ban 😱😱😱

This is so telling and I am beyond sick just listening to this news. I hope people can understand WHY poverty prevails in β€œthird world” economies.

Everyone else can be intellectuals and financiers, but as soon as Africans emerge, they must be brought down to their knees????

Nigeria?? There is definitely a funk in the air about this decision.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

The intellectuals of intellectuals put on the ban list AND terror list.

Well the chickens more than roosting here. They flying and they squawking aloud.

Malcom X’s – Chicken coming home to roost.

This is pure evil tactics. But it’s okay, we’ve overcome worse than this. We are still a village, and this too we shall overcome, and not in a biblical sense mind you.

2 thoughts on “Nigeria Travel/Terror Ban 😱😱😱

  1. Lincoln Roland says:

    This could well be an attempt to prevent a future black wall street reoccurring, due to the highlighted percentages….the noticeable possibility that persons of black skinned are emerging to too high an intelligence level that threatens the white superiority falsehood.

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