Be Stil But Be INSPIRED – Do Not Lose Hope!!


You can lose a job, a lost one, money, possessions but do not lose hope. If plan A does not work, amend it then reach that goal NO MATTER WHAT!

See you at the finish line




Sustainable Happiness

Sustainable Happiness


I’m in the subway 12.28.18 6:48 am looking at this poster about sustainable happiness and my brain is all over. What’s that?

The ad talks about jobs come and go physical beauty fades, market rise and fall. Even close relationships can end but the benefits of philosophy last a lifetime. This is all part of

I can agree with all of this and add that sustainable happiness is about finding ways to manage something. What is that something? Your worth!

So what is sustainable happiness but worth in your self!

If you don’t find worth in yourself you are doomed to making the same mistakes over and over again. You have to VALUE yourself against all the issues.

What mama or papa may or may not have said, the negativities imposed on you as a child or teenager or even as an adult you have to turn it off and say enough is enough.

You are enough and you are worthy

This morning 12:48 am. I come across this video by Tyler Perry on Joel Osteen’s on IG

Tyler Perry on Joel Osteen – Aim for Worthy

Analyze what worthy means. Look at yourself in the mirror. Make faces if you must. I do. Sleep, eat, rest and keep your temple healthy and enjoy me time. Enjoy the company of others on your time and find the things you enjoy. Not what anyone defines for you.

What you talking about ?


Do I know You

Do I know you O

Day to day

Year to year

Smiling face or not

Grey hair black hair matters not

Wrinkles and pimples are surface things O

The me you see is a beautiful thing

Just be true, day and night

Never tire of being man O

…Guess what?

God already knew from the beginning you were going to need me…

He needed you to acknowledge your need… not your want O

You spoke life into me

I now speak life into you

Do I know you? Yes indeed, you are the reason I am. I am God’s precious and beautiful gift to mankind. Treasure me.

VillageTalk BY Caribguhl





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Who Are You anonymous (WAYA)

Taking stock of who you are

your purpose and the plans you may have for further improvements, or a complete overhaul may take some work and is oftentimes collaborative.


You first need to take stock. This involves interrogators you can do yourself to first see who you are.

Are you a good example?

Why do you say you are or are nota good example ?

For Whom are you a good example?

Do you exemplify good or bad behaviors generally and or purposefully ?

What are your motives for the things you do?

Making mistakes can oftentimes be cyclical if we are not careful to examine the reasons why we continue to make the same ones.

Finding the factors which trigger us to repeat prior wrongs or mistake is a priority if we hope to correct behaviors going forward.

Also getting a handle on our thinking before the triggers happen can help.:

Emotions trigger behavior

Are you sad, mad, angry, depressed? Who are the people, where are the places, and what are the things which elicit the emotions and then trigger certain behaviors.

Now take the steps backwards and direct your emotion in the direction you would like it to go, but first take steps away from the triggers- people, places and things until you have better control

Do you tolerate inappropriate behaviors in other. Taking into consideration you can only control yourself.

Affirm what you wish to exemplify

Is it your policy and affirmation I will not exemplify bad behavior nor tolerate it.

Based on how you’ve assessed your thinking, not necessarily your behavior. This is who you are.

Happy seeking and finding of yourself.

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