Take a peek through Black History 👣

If you were a fly on the wall, I’m interested….what would you say and what would you have done?

Our ancestors have put their own lives on the line for us😢
  • Hate is a miserable behavior. I say behavior because it’s a very active thing. It’s no longer an emotion once it’s put into action,

I know there are not many things I can say I hate and especially NO person.

The video below represents a peaceful prayer gathering in Selma, Alabama The young People we’re heading to a peaceful, prayer protest on the steps of the court house where they were met with vitriol .

Sad how others were looking on silently

This Deputy Sheriff vocally made his position absolutely clear. The other bystanders behind him made theirs clear in their silence. It was clear they stood with him in all of his Napoleanism.

Black Wall Street Archives

What’s all the fuss 🤔😥🧐

We are all who we are just like everyone else…just like YOU!!!

Some of us are divided

Most of us are NOT!!!!

All we ask?


Financial equality



Why all the arguments?



Why are we looked at differently and treated differently? Worse than your very own pets, which you love and cherish BTW😥


No other groups are disdained. No other group are harassed.

We have had to repeatedly endure leadership being

taken away




Malcolm, Marcus, Sebe, and others.

Any move to rise results in a grave.


Angry Black Woman Sterotype

I was recently told my demeanor is reserved yet in another breath I’m aggressive or non congenial ??? What??? Yes, and it will behoove me to be more thankful, and I have to be more friendly and pleasant!! Wow!!!

The whole experience is almost like a dream yet I know it’s real.

I’m a firm believer in people and differences and I put my foot down when others think they can control your narrative or are in control period.

I am a black woman, that’s not gonna change. Just because I am assertive does not correlate with violence or aggression.

People have to stop that hype. Seriously!!! It is very annoying.

No matter your training, education or upbringing, if you aren’t being a fool and acting a fool you are too serious and disciplined??? Really???

Teachable Moments 📚 📖 📚 💡

Lirr – my experiences with the super privileged 🤨🧐😤🤢

I’ve been riding the rail a few years. After moving to Queens, NY and suffering through long subway rides, usually an hour and forty five minutes to two hours, based on time of day, holidays or what’s happening in the city at the time.

Riding the rail has been a great relief on my body, I can spend more productive time doing other things before and after travel times. Also the time it takes me now is no more than one hour, give or take fifteen minutes – no matter what.

This has taught me I am not as patient as I use ty to be.

I usually encounter the privileged people here and there, but they usually never impact my ride the way my ride was affected yesterday and today.

Yesterday the train was packed to the brim. I was able to find a seat, thank God but the lady (well maybe not)I was preparing to sit next to had her handbag handle on the seat so I brought it to her attention

for all intents and purposes, intending NOT to be rude and just sit on her bag strap. Was she appreciative?? NO !!!! Instead she spent the ENTIRE 20 minutes squirming and fidget – felt like I was sitting next to a worm. I learned I am able to observe and not respond because a response is not necessary.

Today it was a man – not a gentleman let’s get that clear. He was clearly uncomfortable with me sitting next to him. His attitude, he kept clearing his throat and I just kept on doing my writing. When the train came to a halt, I got up and out..happier than a pig in mud that I was finally away from such negativity. I learned someone else’s state of mind or being does not have to be mine.

It’s a new season as we all move into a new year. I am genuinely praying for recovery of the mind for people who feel they are better than others because of skin color. Those days are long gone but we are still dealing with many of the evil behavior or mental slavery.

I watch a video on Instagram of parents gifting their white Daughther with a black baby doll. Her response and especially the parents response was very sad to me.

I wonder what teachable moments will we observe in 2020?

This video is indicative of what is wrong with teachable moments ignored.


As I’m writing this blog the above video I was told was taken down or made private. So that’s somewhat good news but it’s still out there. Here’s another however smh


Angry Black Woman

Do you really know what it means?







Economic depression








Just Because

The list goes on, but we’ve managed to overcome so much provocation only to be reminded often how worthless we are when our men are constantly targeted, harassed , humiliated just because…you are threatened ? I said just because yes.

When our children get beaten, labeled, arrested, stumped, raped and killed as of their lives have no meaning? They are our children and their lives matter to us.

Finally, no matter what our shade, hair texture, shape or size we are not thought of as beautiful nor attractive to the world. We are constantly stereotyped as a means of keeping us stagnated, such a pity, since we are women of natural beauty, a multitude of hair textures to do what ever we please with our hair, shapely and able to carry our various sizes with pride. We are not women to take for granted or to keep in a box. We literally are the universe personified as a woman, a black woman.

We are always looking to improve, reinventing ourselves and keeping our black king next to us while raising our children together.

Now you Know

But it seems the gatekeeper of human beauty standards and family image has a problem with this particular dynamic and it is forever lynching us and creating more deadly chasms than any one person can tolerate. We continue to rise and we go forward , never looking back, but instead learning from our history.

This is more than enough for any red blooded person to be angry about. So there it is, now you know.

disclaimer…all picture taken from Pinterest

Are we all equal?

It depends on who you ask.

What is the black man’s original religion?

Religions says we are not equal merely by separating themselves as religions.

This in itself causes a chasm where separation of faith creates a type of inequality in the minds of the followers.


I’ve heard it time and time again- you are Christian Pentecostal and I am Christain Catholic, Baptist, Jehovah Witness, etc, etc. Fundamentally all believers but unequal in their doctrines and most importantly color if skin. Sad state of affairs yeah?. Since they are unequal this gives them the okay to be abusive to each other. Turn on your TVs, look at social media and you’ll see what I mean. Take a trip back in history and look at Religion if you are not satisfied with worldwide religious atrocities. . How are we treated merely by the color of our skin?

Black is beautiful

Groups of Christians enslaved Africans, in the name of capitalism. They even forced the enslaved to stop /cease and desist through fear and outright terrorist acts, their own religion and adapt theirs. What nonsense is that?

So your own brothers and sisters are now the same religion as you but enslaved and not equal? Am I the only one who thinks this is whack? Yet we continue to run behind these same people, thinking the way they do instead of going back to basics.


Truth be known, basics is universal. Anyone can join, anyone can be a member, there are no doctrines, no enslavement. It’s call the human race. Black people you belong to this race but you’ve got to stop the enslave us in their tracks by first knowing removing your mental block. Study your history. Know yourself. Do not be afraid to believe in your greatness and in our collective equality.

Unequivocally yes we are all equal. Plain and true.

My Black is Beautiful

I appreciate myself everyday

What does that entail?

Taking care of myself wholly





No one can do it better than you

Your Black is Beautiful

Better believe it!