The Devastation of Black Wall Street

By Kimberly Fain, July 5th 2017

A few recaps if you do not have time to read the article. Many are oblivious to the achievements in the African communities and the achievements which are made are oftentimes swept under the proverbial rug, and left there.

The Afro community has struggled over time to meet financial, academic and have even attempted multiple financial institutions within the context of the “community” only to have these the institutions and all positive evidences wipes away, oftentimes with and in violence – history speaks to you in these academic journals. It’s a matter of historical record now.

Black Wall Street Documentary

The Power of the Black Dollar 💵

The power of the black dollar.

Black consumers are the most analyzed group of people. As consumers, we spend an inordinate amount of money, even if we are poor!!! Clothing, jewelry, makeup, hair products and the biggie for me FOOD. We eat out a lot.

I don’t want to elaborate on our romance with vehicles. Too much of a sore point with me.

Okay, so now during this holiday seasons where are you investing all this money BLACK PEOPLE?

Are we going to continue on with the careless spending or are we going to consciously spend, raise the bar and help to uplift each other instead of discussing? Put your money where your mouth is. I know lots of great black businesses I can steer in your direction.

Make Black America Great Again.

Learn about Black Wall Street


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