Happy Kwanzaa – Nia

The black candle, then the left most red candle, then the right most green candle, then the 2nd red candle at the left hand side and lastly the next green candle are lit in the same sequence. This represents the 5th principle i.e. Kwanzaa – Nia (NEE-ah) or Purpose.

Members discuss the fifth principle and share Unity cup. The day ends with extinguishing the candles.

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Happy Kwanzaa – Ujamaa


On the fourth day of #Kwanzaa the black candle is lit at first, then the utmost left red one, then the farthest right green one and at last the next red candle, placed at the left hand side of the black one, is lit. It represents the 4th principle, i.e. #ujamaa (oo-jah-MAH) or Collective Economics.

The #fourthprinciple is then discussed with the present members. The Unity cup is shared and the candles are turned off.

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Happy Kwanzaa

Busy day yesterday but determined to focus in on my seven principles and reestablish some foundational principles we’ve been led away from as a people.

Culture, traditions are all part of identity. Who are we? Where did we come from? So important. So as we meditate on these 7 principles here’s wishing you a Happy, healthy, long and prosperous life for you and yours.

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