Mental health boost day


Each day you wake up you strive for something. What is it? Is it happiness? Joy? peace? Normal?

I don’t believe in normal only because my normal yesterday is different from normal today.

But I do believe in happiness, joy, peace because these are things I can actively do for myself.

I actually can consciously choose to take step to make a difference each day about how I feel. It’s not easy peasy because it actually takes work, action on my part.

I choose my mental state. I go out and fight to stay positive. I avoid the negatives, I resolve the resolvables so I can have my peace.

Hope you can do the same

Have a great mental health day one day at a time 🥰🇹🇹🥰


I woke up

QI woke up

This morning I woke up and said thanks.

I have a headache but I am determined to move past the obvious and live my day, not just have a day.

Even though my intentions are to live my best day it didn’t mean it is the intention of others.

Shortly after declaring my intentions negativity seeped in. I was prepared.

This noise called negativity can come in any form, so be focused and prepared not to let anyone steal your intentions.

Just know noise can be positive too. It does not always have to be negative. Use negative noise and turn it into positive.

This is for you and me. Heal yourself I needed this.

Over Eating


I am guilty yes!

Practically all my life sadly.

Perhaps starting with my grandfather in particular

His favorite mantra to get us to wipe our plates clean was about all the starving children in Africa etc.

Why why why???Photo credit

Now, I work out, well I walk a lot with some very light exercises in between.

But I use to do all the super aerobics, calisthenics etc. When I realized it was just all hype. Exercise is good, but the key is controlling your intake of foods.

This was mePhoto credit

Lessening or removing sugars and starches is key to maintenance. If you can not, then balancing your intake may be the best option.

I choose to exclude animal products from my diet as best as I can. Since I don’t cook all my meals daily I’ve found it can be challenging if I don’t have good partners to assist me in my endeavor. Case in point, I purchased a meal just yesterday and the vendor was aware I do not eat meat. I laughed when I discovered some meat in one of the portions. No biggie. They will learn slowly I guess. No need for anger nor stress.

Addictions can be anythingPhoto credit

I don’t smoke and I consume nearly no alcohol. I say nearly because from time to time, during a Blue Moon, I do partake. My food compulsions were akin to any other addictions. Some smoke use drugs, shop, sleep, use social media, sex, work. These are all things which we oftentimes do in excess. The key? Detox, fast, remove the urge and recognize your triggers.

I think of my long term health and wellbeing, how I feel now and how much better I can feel with simple lifestyle changes and choices.

I would prefer to be able to walk for exercise than do no exercise at all. Sometimes I do light calisthenics just to remind my muscles deep within that they are still alive. I am still here and challenging them to be stronger.

I enjoy my workouts because I can be present in my health choices, even if I do eat more than I should now its not because I’m being forced to anymore or tricked. I do it because I love my food choices and I know I’ll be stomping the sidewalk like a beast, shortly after.

Me stomping lolPhoto credit

I choose good health because I want quality of life. I want to make waking up each day worthwhile and as painless as possible to my body.

Health is my gift to myself
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Have you ever looked at

  1. Trees
  2. Mountains
  3. Nature
  4. Water


Photo credit

Everything in life is ordered. They are seasonal, changing constantly and redesigning themselves for survival.

You and I are the same way. There’s no removing ourselves from the dynamic. We have to go with the flow, listen to our body rhythms and actually understand what it wants us to do and follow through and keep ourselves in order.

MotionPhoto credit

Eat balanced, consume things which will enrich your cells not hurt them. Hard lesson for us to learn until we actually have one foot in the grave. But if we keep a healthy balance and keep our bodies in motion we are going to enjoy quality of life. It’s not always perfect but it will improve significantly.

We are what we eat …think about that.

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Mature Audience Only – Part One

Male/female image in featured

Sexual illusions

Today’s culture is perpetuating illusions of what sex means and who can enjoy sex fully. This is quite disturbing and upsetting. Sex can be multidimensional and it is associated with a myriad of body images.

Photo credit

Having a perfect body does not make for great sex, having great self esteem and seeing yourself in a positive way, makes for better sex. The partner you choose hopefully compliments that self image and consequently makes for great sex.

Women enjoy sex

Yes we do. And we like sex, as frequently or infrequently as men. It all depends on our partner. However this does not mean we should be promiscuous, playing the field and or exploring multiple partners. I know this statement probably has many up in arms , but many need to hear it. Especially this generation.

Sexually zoned

How sexually zoned are you? Sexually zoned does not mean you are a freak (don’t appreciate this word ) or that you are a nymphomaniac. It simply means you know what you like, you know what turns you on and you especially like feeling zoned.

Multiple Partners

Photo credit

My partner (singular) has to be willing to do whatever I like you are probably saying, at least once. If they aren’t, it can be sketchy but think how you can work with them, do not give up the bird in your hand, for two in the bush…instead, take time to teach them how to appreciate and enjoy the awesome you and the things you enjoy. Tapping into that creates a great intimacy you cannot find with anyone else.

Sex is suppose to be fun, not dirty. If you are having sex hopefully you find your partner pretty awesome, and you are into them on every level right? So the sex should be no different.

Multiple partner or f$&@ buddies are a no no. Having multiple partners can damage your sexual perception even confuse you physically and mentally. Think about it before you do it to yourself and usually a host of unsuspecting partners

Walking is easier than Limbo

Walking again

Now that the gruesome summer heat has subsided somewhat I’ve resumed my walking once again. Walking is absolutely hands down, one of my greatest passions. It’s not limbo so it’s quite easy. Don my walking clothes and I’m out the door.

Photo credit Caribguhl

Even though I’m musing while I’m walking. I do have a health app active on my phone which keeps tabs on my heart rate, peds per day, stairs climbed and distances or miles walked.

Photo credit Caribguhl

I check it daily and try to improve on the previous day. Sometimes however it’s just important for me to get out, get some good old vitamin D and walk.

I walk and I muse about everything. The soca, calypso, and reggae music in my ears beating out all the weeks and months events and helping me to synchronize my thoughts into some new thing for the next post or musing.

Shemika Charles Limbo Queen

Sometimes I write them and let them marinate for weeks. These are the ones which I go back and add tempo and more notes to enhance and enrich the readers experience.
Clip art Panda

My one hope is you enjoy the full experience of my walking. Not only does it improve my health, physical and mental well being, but it creates this great venue for relationship and exchange of ideas We’ve found with each other.

Ancient African symbol of eternal life – Ankh


Featured image is of one of my favorite coaches @coachcassfit taken from Instagram.

There is only one me

There’s only one me

I seem to reflect on this one thought ever so often.

The first reason being, it is a fact.

There’s only one me.

Secondly, the earlier in life we begin to understand, internalize and more importantly accept this fact, so much more fall into place for us and our authenticity allows us to have peace and many things suddenly make more sense. For one, you accept all of your imperfections and you relate and communicate as you view you view yourself, as a diamond, genuine and priceless. Secondly, how others view you does not fluster you because you are you to yourself and that’s uncompromising and refreshing.

Thirdly, there is a tremendous amount of power and freedom harnessed in acceptance of oneself as you are.

Fourthly, but not the last, those around you appreciate you more because you’ve accepted yourself, are comfortable within that framework of who you are and that makes you a more enjoyable and loveable person.

After that one, genuine, authentic you…there won’t be another. The mold can only be cut once so enjoy every moment you can so you can laugh and smile at yourself with others and at the memories each day. Not the end of your days.

Discipline as a Core Behavior

Discipline as a core behavior

I believe everything we do must demonstrate some form of discipline – working, school, resting and even having fun.

Open-plan-workingPicture courtesy Jose Migurel open work

Blow with the Wind

Imagine going about life, no rhyme or reason.If we blow with the wind who knows where we will end up and more importantly “how” we will end up.   We  should certainly want to have control  over our destinations and our state of being. I want my hard earned work to mean something and not to be scattered with the wind and trampled on by passers by.


Control your destiny

wind blowing trees drawing

We all must have something which sustains is, whether that is a form of business or employment. Either or we have to have a disciplined approach to making money and consequently paying bills, keeping a roof over our heads, sustenance or feeding and nourishing our bodies. If we were not disciplined enough to work then none of the above would be possible and therefore we will cease to exist.

Same for school. Some of us are better and some are worse but in all we have to be disciplined to study, follow the course work, do exams, and interact and regurgitate in a classroom setting. This discipline also determines your professional outcome and potentially type of earning power.


Do you need rest too – Andy Lee

If you are a real disciplinarian, you would need a much needed break periodically. That in itself takes discipline. You must recognize your limits and allow yourself to break, relax and come back refreshed. This is what discipline looks like .



featured image Discipline.Peace.Balance C.C. Riley




How we Deal with our Pain

Photo credit Thomas Hawk Flickr

Pain can be staggering if you aren’t equipped to handle it, because sometimes it isn’t just physical. It’s a mental state which can migrate to a physical state, causing much distress if you do not know how to manage how you think.

We can counter most of what how we think negatively with a positive but I’ve experienced personally such overwhelming negatives that it altered my chemical state. It could have been disastrous but I was equipped and sought help outside myself, I found ways to make my negatives positives. Small ways initially, insignificant things.

Whatever makes you happy and fires your brain use, as long as you aren’t creating more negatives for you or others.




Life’s little surprises

I’m having my gallstone removed on Thursday this week so.  But I’m sitting in the emergency room of Queens Hospital because my pre-op revealed my pressure is really high, and they are unable to clear me for surgery unless my diastolic dropped below 90.  Right now it’s 167/115.  

I arrived here @11:10 for an 11:30 appointment. Everything was ok until they took my blood pressure.

I knew this morning I wasn’t feeling that hot, but I ha no idea my pressure was that high.  A slight headache has now turned into my eyes feeling cloudy, and a tiny pain in my left arm has now escalated to a more noticeable stabbing effect.

I am uncertain as to whether or not the procedure will take place on Thursday or not because everything is dependent on my pressure dropping below 90 at this juncture., but I am optimistic😃

Still life
Like my nurse said earlier in the main hospital – try to think about something which relaxes you. I guess that’s why I’m writing this now 💕

Namaste – Crystal

Queens Hospital

Have you lived your best life today!? – 3

Some people like to talk and some to write or type. Whichever it may be, one should use it effectively for communicating true feelings, not nagging or manipulation. There is no place in relationships for either. Also never be evasive. If you don’t have an answer or are not ready to divulge one, simply say so. But,be prepared to have a ready answer available.   Never leave anyone hanging. This is just another way you live your best day by being true to yourself, yet reliable, trustworthy and earnest to others.
Purposely living

Simply living day by day without some kind of plan and purpose may seem ok in the short term. But not having real commitments and no real responsibilities, living willy nilly gets you no where.  No goals accomplished, no personal growth and nothing to look back on to appreciate.

Your day must be filled with purpose and it doesn’t hurt if you did at least one thing for yourself. Something as simple as giving yourself a day off from tasks. Just getting off your feet and resting your body, praising it for keeping you going, and please be thankful for your capabilities, what ever they may be.

Our lives must always have room for purpose and plans because without purpose there is no plans and vice versa. One cannot exist without the other. This is the beginning of your best day, taking care of you. If you don’t take care of you now it would be difficult for you to do it later.

Something  you have to consider is, who can you take care of you when you are down?   Your service to others will not be possible if you are incapacitated. So begin your best day with you.


Having a partner with whom you are committed is great but guess what?? How can you share your best self with them if you are not exercising your best self? Even your children if you have them, will suffer. You can’t love them the way you should or may want to. You can’t play with them if you are not at full capacity  when you do things with them. You are listless before the day is halfway finished. You are sleepy during the day, depressed maybe? Lost interest in some if not all activities. You are not eating nutritious meals so that your body is in balance. Next step weight gain . A big no no if you understand the human biorhythm. Weight spirals your body into another level of stress. Is this living your best day? Your best day should be balanced. Food and exercise definitely go together for a healthier you.


What does balance mean? What does balance look like? For each person it’s as unique as the person. It may mean taking a walk before you start your day. For some it may mean a jog, a swim, calisthenics, workout at your gym or if you please a great make out session with your partner. It’s entirely up to each person but you must absolutely start your best day this way. Kicking your metabolism into health zone also means balance so eating the right things, getting non sugary fluids into your temple is equally important to the balance you seek. It’s not rocket science. Your best day is elementary and easy to do if you can slow your roll and enjoy yourself . You only have one chance to take care of your body so the sooner you start, the better.

Work and employment means something different for each person. Some people are content with salaries in the range of 25k and others need it to be 100k while others need it to be millions and that one percent in the billions. It is an individual ambition and one cannot look at the other and be critical of what satisfies monetary wise. Happiness is relative.  In order for us to live our best day  also includes enjoying the fruits of your labor and just being supremely grateful for gainful employment.

Joy and Peace

Having a hobby and enjoying doing something that lightens your heart and brings joy and peace to your spirit is essential. It doesn’t have to cost you.  Gardening, decorating, baking, cooking, hiking are things you can do with resources you already have. If you enjoy talking to friends and family this is great just be careful about too much personal information going out and also keeping conversations at a limit so you aren’t spending all your time sitting in one spot or just being a couch potato. Keep your body in tune with your mind because remember keeping your body in motion is essential to balance.
Love unique you

Loving yourself is just as potent as loving someone else. When we all realize this little secret in life we will love more passionately, hate less and respect ourselves and others. This is another aspect to our best day.

So as you can see, living your best day it isn’t one dimensional. It’s a multi dimensional purposeful life. We have to be aware and we have to strive for this each day. It cannot be well this person is like that so I’ll just be like that too. You can do much better than that. You are as unique as the sun and the moon. One comes up during the day and the other comes out at night. However, as unique as they each are, they do provide essential services we cannot live without. They are both unique and valuable. Just like you.

Begin with love in yourself, seek balance, take care of your body because you and you only have one body in this life. There aren’t any replacement part for the originals. Love like the sayings says there is no tomorrow because tomorrow may never come and finally believe in something which brings you joy to your best day.

Customer Service Busy Day


Today is an extremely busy day for me, it is my youngest son Michael’s  birthday (the big 19), I have papers I am editing,  I manage a meetup group of currently 12 women (recently started) where the objective is to walk at least 1 hour daily for energy and health, I also manage a few linkedIn, webpages, and Facebook accounts for a few people.  I am also moving my mom from one address to another today.  My brother Christopher is coming in from military base training to help with the packing of the truck and muscles.  I am trying to get this blog written, then I still have my own home chores I am finishing up.  There are also a few people I must reach out to either via phone, email or facebook, just to say hello.  That’s my day!

In addition to my projects for others I have my own school work and taking care of myself by ensuring I am healthy with daily walks, and now a new calisthenics routine.    As I sat in McDonald’s this morning eating my oatmeal and fruits I was reflecting on my day and where I was going to start first. That was easy enough because it is so necessary to start with myself first so I closed my eyes and said a prayer for guidance and direction so that my steps are ordered in everything this day.

A quick trip to Targets to pick up some supplies now home to start the rest of the day.  My customer service item today is to be as courteous and friendly to everyone I meet because that’s what I like in return from people.  We do not have to stand behind a counter, or have a title of customer service to be nice.  It should be a natural thing for each of us (especially if we want others to be courteous to us in return).  We should each make it our business today and every day to be kind to someone in the service industry just because.  Sometimes it makes a difference in their day and consequently yours and mine.  So, let’s pay it forward even on busy days.


IHOP DAY Today – Great Customer Service Store # 2064 Flatlands Ave

IHOP's Simple and fit omelets

Most people who know me knows I am not a big city person.  Living in New York is truly beautiful sometimes amidst the day-to-day struggles ,  and you simply have to learn to take the good with the bad.  I choose to find good things I can work with daily about New York.  Living in Brooklyn is especially challenging because there are so many issues in various communities.  Where I live in Flatbush the services can be  abysmal. Some providers do not feel like they have to provide (great) service to the community, yet they continue to make money from the community.    Providers expect patrons to pay and shut up, no complaints.  I am not such a consumer.   I make it my business to rate businesses when I have used their service because consumers need to be informed, and they need to be  aware of their rights as consumers.    Nothing hurts me more than to see patrons spend money and walk away dissatisfied.

Princess waiting

I have patronized IHOP # 2064 on Flatlands Avenue a few times since my mom goes to church near-by at CCC.  While I am not a big restaurant person, I do occasionally like to sit down and enjoy a meal I have not prepared with my own hands;  but I am not willing to compromise service quality just to have a great meal.  Everytime, without fail, service at this IHOP was  par excellence.

Sunday Patrons

You are greeted by two teams of people at the front almost simultaneously, unless one team is engaged with a customer.   I felt  it important to commend them not only with a great tip, but by a favorable mention on my blog.  Job well done guys, especially Ayana our server.  Awesome Customer serve.

Mother and daughter beautifully dressed


Drinking Water is Magic Weight Loss Trick


This article is pretty interesting and was written by Erica Giovinazzo on Jan 04, 2012 on FYI Living.

Drinking Water is Magic Weight Loss Trick