Benefits of no meat Diet (my perspective)

My reasons for not eating meat

1. I’ve never been comfortable with meat consumption. It does not feel right. The older I became i have managed to clean up my diet

2. It isn’t healthy for me. Too many risk factors including artificial meats and addition of steroids etc which effects my health and wellbeing

3. I am healthier and i feel healthier

4. Since eliminating meats i look at food differently and i make healthier choices

5. Since i am more sensitive about what i eat i have become wiser in my spending as well. I actually save money due



Have you ever looked at

  1. Trees
  2. Mountains
  3. Nature
  4. Water


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Everything in life is ordered. They are seasonal, changing constantly and redesigning themselves for survival.

You and I are the same way. There’s no removing ourselves from the dynamic. We have to go with the flow, listen to our body rhythms and actually understand what it wants us to do and follow through and keep ourselves in order.

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Eat balanced, consume things which will enrich your cells not hurt them. Hard lesson for us to learn until we actually have one foot in the grave. But if we keep a healthy balance and keep our bodies in motion we are going to enjoy quality of life. It’s not always perfect but it will improve significantly.

We are what we eat …think about that.

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Mature Audience Only – Part 3 of 4play

Controlling the illusion

What do you do? I’m glad you asked.

Simple, go back to basics. What does that mean ? Well it’s different for each person.


Some may have to completely abstain maybe for a short duration. It may be a few months and up to a year. Find yourself. Search for your peace and purpose in being before being sexually active again.

For some it may be multiple years of abstaining and a deeper grounding for true identity search. And for a select few complete and total abstinence is the answer. It depends on your individual journey.

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Reality vs the illusions

Now that you understand who you are as a unique individual and you should be treated thus, then you can resume sex in the knowledge that you and you partner can face each other honestly, intimately and openly about sex.


This sexual artform isn’t explored enough in lovemaking. So before jumping into sex, which Too much emphasis is put on the sexual act itself, and not enough on foreplay. Some forms of touching can be:



Body kissing

Shoulder kisses

Touching the buttocks

Genital touching


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Sometimes your partner may know exactly how she/he wants you to touch them but it is important for you to explore and discover yourself and them, remembering It’s not a race to be won so try to be slow and steady. Enjoy the process and you are sure to please each other fully.

Game changer

Having intercourse frequently may be a game changer for many couples but infrequent sex is not abnormal either. It’s all up to you and what works. The sexual mood can be daily without the act of intercourse. It’s all about your sexual maturity, the right partner and how respectful you are to each other. If you deliberately or not have a set schedule and that works for you both, that’s all that matters. Not how others are doing t and what they are saying. Usually it’s hogwash. Just do you as a couple and be in love with yourselves.

Body image

Talking about being in love. It is important to remove negative images of yourself from your head. Find a favorite picture of yourself and keep it visible daily to remind yourself how awesome you are. If you keep positive about yourself it radiates and makes for

1. Great self confidence

2. Less dependence on outside validation and

3. Sex is better hands down.


I could have thrown in some personal examples here and there but guess what? This isn’t about me, it’s all about you and making yourself happy.

P.S. The O word

By the way, for some reason women are ashamed to say they do not have orgasms during sex. That’s probably 80% of women. I’m guessing. So why make yourself miserable ? Why lie to your partner about having one if you didn’t or don’t ? You are ruining your sex life and you are taking away a great intimate moment between you and your partner. So be upfront and transparent. If vaginal orgasm isn’t how you flow but you are awesome via the clitoris…clap your hands.

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Forget all this foolishness on the web also about spraying and watersheds. Most of the time it’s a hack. Just be you and turn off those videos. Probably cost you a pound and a crown when all you had to do was figure out you. Also investing in a good old vibrator doesn’t hurt your bank account, you or you partner. Most men love the help anyway. Just ask.

Just Saying

Doesn’t hurt to ask 🤐[[

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I blame myself

Allowing you

To believe

It’s ok

When it isn’t

I blame myself


Do not express

True feelings


I blame myself

Past experiences





I blame myself


Where I cannot


This is not

This cannot

This will not

I choose

stop blaming myself


New situation