Dear White People

2015 Poetry Slam

If you are offended there’s not much I can say to help you. However, I’m hopeful many will receive the message. It’s time society wakes up to the plight of the black world. If you are black and you don’t agree with the content of this video. That’s too bad, but I am not the one to tell it too. You can view it or not. knowledge us power

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Beyond Racist

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I read things and then I have to re-read them. Then I wonder to this for real? What cave like behavior is this?


Then a see of other questions ensue because I just don’t get it!!!! People!!!

Why is this referee not fired on the spot?

Is the world of white people looking on at how African people are still being treated?

If so, where are you? Where is your outrage? Why in 2018 soon to be 2019 this type of behavior is still allowed?

Slavery ended but we seem to be treated more and more as subhumans and no outrage from all creed and race except us Africans.

What cave like behavior is this?