This word is swimming around my head since last weekend. . Why??


I see so many people do not understand the meaning of this important word.


I am more affected by this word than I am comfortable admitting.


I realize being respectful has grey areas. It’s difficult because respect is respect you are probably saying right? But there are loopholes.

Why aren’t people understanding simple principles of respect such as do unto others as you would like others to do unto you? Why are we spending so much time dwelling on hurt feelings, pride, leading to so much lost time? When we can look at each other as individuals and consciously, deliberately choose to make a difference.

Respect toolkit

I looked at this toolkit and quite agreed with its basics of respect:

1. Tell your truth

2. Know you are valuable

3. Follow your passion

4. Trust your gut

5. Set boundaries

6. Be compassionate

7. Get Help

8. Have coursge

Within these. 8 very important basics are sub basics of dignity and respect standards to further enhance you as an individual.

Remember, you should not be a two faced individual. It will only make you untrustworthy.

I like to feel I am who I am.

What you see is what you get.

I may have two sides to my disposition when dealing with circumstances in that I am serious when it comes to work and fun loving when I am not on a task which is work related. Across board my character never changes. You can depend on me being consistently the same person. There are no hidden agendas

This is a huge component of respect. Being someone other people can trust and share confidential information.

This is a huge factor in being respectful of others. I struggle with this from others. I see annoyingly how others are treated as though they have no value. But everyone has value.


Perspective – Is it all how you look at me?


Black is beautiful etsy

Maybe can be certainly

Cannot can be can

Weak can be strong

Incapable can be capable

Disadvantage can be advantage

Black is black and beautiful and certain, which means I can be black and strong and capable with an advantage just because I’m black every day means I am positive and filled with possibilities.

Race card

It’s all how I look at me, not how you look at me. My perspective is everything because my possibilities are endless.

Black is beautiful quotes

”The secret to attraction is to love yourself” – Deepak Chopra

Mature Audience


We get involved in relationships oftentimes not for the right reasons:

1. Feeling empathy for the other person

2. Feeling sympathy for the other person

3. Anger from a previous relationship or rebound

4. Loneliness

5. Depression

6. Money issues

7. Abuse

It is important to go into relationships with your eyes wide open. The previous reasons only makes you trapped, susceptible, vulnerable, and unable to truly share your true self with another sensible person. It also allows for repeating of the same relationship mistakes.

It’s always best to have a good sit down and hash things out before jumping in. Clear the clutter or baggage, and talk as mature adults about expectations.

It may not feel romantic or feel goody, but it pays off long term. You are both happier and the pressure of being in a negatively charged relationship is now eliminated.

Women and men should be able to have friendships without sex. The expectations of sex should be removed and replaced with adult conversations, goals and expectations. The pressures and discomforts of sexual energy must be replaced with friendships.

This is the only way for relationships, especially in this day and age of bed buddies, to grow into meaningful relationships and not just ships passing each other casually in the night at bars, hotels, motels, clubs, etc.

We need to bring back meaning into relationships by being more perceptive and mindful.

I didn’t use morality because I feel it should be a natural behavior or thought. But I’ve realized over the years morality is relative to many. It isn’t, its constant. There’s good and there’s bad, no in betweens. Food for thought.



I overheard a conversation where a comment was made about someone saying something, actually it was a speech given on a public podium, which someone else was not in agreement.

It got me thinking about opinions and why it is so difficult for us to respect differences of opinions, differences in anything.


We live in such a big wide world of people, places and things with so many nuances that it is incredible to me that anyone would be in total agreement with any one thought or opinion. It’s just not a natural thing unless you are an ostrich.

The big but for me is respect…plain and simple. Learning to meet others in their opinions and agree, disagree, agree to disagree – respectfully.

We have a huge responsibility to ourselves and the next generation to practice tolerance, patience and respect towards each other. The world will be a tremendously better place for it.


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