Angry Black Woman Sterotype

I was recently told my demeanor is reserved yet in another breath I’m aggressive or non congenial ??? What??? Yes, and it will behoove me to be more thankful, and I have to be more friendly and pleasant!! Wow!!!

The whole experience is almost like a dream yet I know it’s real.

I’m a firm believer in people and differences and I put my foot down when others think they can control your narrative or are in control period.

I am a black woman, that’s not gonna change. Just because I am assertive does not correlate with violence or aggression.

People have to stop that hype. Seriously!!! It is very annoying.

No matter your training, education or upbringing, if you aren’t being a fool and acting a fool you are too serious and disciplined??? Really???

Angry Black Woman

Do you really know what it means?







Economic depression








Just Because

The list goes on, but we’ve managed to overcome so much provocation only to be reminded often how worthless we are when our men are constantly targeted, harassed , humiliated just because…you are threatened ? I said just because yes.

When our children get beaten, labeled, arrested, stumped, raped and killed as of their lives have no meaning? They are our children and their lives matter to us.

Finally, no matter what our shade, hair texture, shape or size we are not thought of as beautiful nor attractive to the world. We are constantly stereotyped as a means of keeping us stagnated, such a pity, since we are women of natural beauty, a multitude of hair textures to do what ever we please with our hair, shapely and able to carry our various sizes with pride. We are not women to take for granted or to keep in a box. We literally are the universe personified as a woman, a black woman.

We are always looking to improve, reinventing ourselves and keeping our black king next to us while raising our children together.

Now you Know

But it seems the gatekeeper of human beauty standards and family image has a problem with this particular dynamic and it is forever lynching us and creating more deadly chasms than any one person can tolerate. We continue to rise and we go forward , never looking back, but instead learning from our history.

This is more than enough for any red blooded person to be angry about. So there it is, now you know.

disclaimer…all picture taken from Pinterest

The Script – check

Today was very interesting indeed

As was last week

The last few weeks

Last couple months

In fact all last year

Lots of changes

Health issues

More changes







Double standards


More demands

Greater pain

Change – which I embraced

Upheavals – the kinds which shake you to your core

More demands – unrealistic

Role changes

Much more Chaos – mixed with dread of what’s next?

More role changes



Doubles over in pain


Reactions and more reactions – never good

More Shenanigans

Then the manipulations

Ahhhh clarity

All I could do through it all was smile, and I still continue to smile Guess why? It’s all a script to me. I’ve seen these rolls and roles before and I can write the book with my eyes closed.

I’ve learned not to react and never to respond to plays before you play it out yourself. Then there are the masterminds, the ones who believe they know everything and can manipulate everyone. These are the ones who fascinate me the most. Their egos are so great that all they see are themselves and no one else. I’ve seen them do things which will shake you to your core because people don’t treat other people like they are nothing unless you have no ability to feel yourself in which case you are a sociopath.

I see it. I understand it and I will allow it to play out the scenes because a good script deserves to be published,

Break a leg

Marvelous You!!!

You are marvelous

If no one told you today I am here to say it

Most people get up and they are consumed in the unnecessary

Don’t let those things and those people deter you from being the best you

Remember these things are temporary and the people who perpetuate them will move unto someone else and something else as soon as the wind blows

Choose Happiness

So spare yourself emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Choose your happiness and what you allow to enter your spirit. Let no one BUT God be your Author and your Finisher.

Do all things in love, with love and like a loving individual. Don’t be distracted by the negative vibrations…. because that’s all it is DISTRACTIONS!!!!

Just be happy and marvelous today and everyday beloved. Ase!🙌🏾

Whose life to live?

Your Life

Always remember this one important instruction about your life; it is important to live it on your terms, doing what makes you happy and being satisfied with yourself.

We spend so much time living our lives for others, i.e. parents, spouses, children, employers, friends etc. but where in that equation do we factor ourselves?

We have to be loving, respectful and caring for all these people I mentioned previously but guess what? At the end of your life the only thing which will matter to all these people is the great person you were so just be that…be the best you.


For each of you that may mean something different so figure out what that best you looks like and if you can configure a life worth living around that best you then great, but ensure you have lots of laughs, love and memorable moments for yourself as well and not for everyone else.

This is not selfishness because while you are living your best everyone else should be as well. If you do not, others will not stop living theirs just because you fail to do so.

Life is only lived once beloved so live your life and be mindful of your footprint as only the best you – you can be.

Perspective – Is it all how you look at me?


Black is beautiful etsy

Maybe can be certainly

Cannot can be can

Weak can be strong

Incapable can be capable

Disadvantage can be advantage

Black is black and beautiful and certain, which means I can be black and strong and capable with an advantage just because I’m black every day means I am positive and filled with possibilities.

Race card

It’s all how I look at me, not how you look at me. My perspective is everything because my possibilities are endless.

Black is beautiful quotes

”The secret to attraction is to love yourself” – Deepak Chopra

Silence is restorative

I’ve found this to be a very powerful truth.

I can talk and talk and find no healing, nor resolution, but as soon as I shut my mouth, open my mind and keep my heart reasonable ( mind you, I didn’t say … pure because honestly who has a pure heart? Let’s be real).

Good against evil

We try to be as pure as we can by balancing good against evil, and that’s the best place to be in the balance where you are trying. I am scared to death of the extremes. They both create chaos in this world.

I am writing to release the tension I’ve accumulated over the last several day. Tough and heightened tensions I don’t usually experience, especially Seems like I’ve not been able to find simple solutions to any one problem I’m currently addressing. Saving grace is my positive perseverance and attitude.

So I find the positive my immersing myself into complete silence sometimes for hours. No radio, music, other voices, magazines, books, and my computer or phone.

I seek answers in silence along with peace for my own wellbeing. Without my peace I am not myself so I seek restorative silence.




We are oftentimes misunderstood, more so than dads, grandparents and sibings. Our sacrifices go unheard and unseen.

We are responsible for many things and many people. We take nothing for granted when it comes to our loved ones.

Balancing the cheque book oftentimes and keeping the household running on impossible budgets.

Discipline-we are generally the default bad guy, and we are no fun. That’s what we hear a lot of anyway.

We are no longer attractive to our spouses or significant other when we lose ourselves in life. We run to work, run home, prepare meals, do homework, laundry, chores, bathe, sleep, get up and repeat. We start looking like what we promised ourselves we won’t – tired, worn and unpleasant. Even to ourselves.

We don’t know what a date looks like anymore, much less movie night or romance. There’s no time and especially trusted caretakers to watch our special bundles of joy, when we do look for a date night let alone a weekend? Fuggetaboutit!!!!

Time teaches us valuable lessons about value and worth- for ourselves. When we start loooking after ourselves and finding time for those little things we get the guilt trips.

But we learn quickly, that too shall pass as we go on with the business of taking care of ourselves and being the example for our children to model.

If you don’t care for yourself and play as hard as you work, no one else does it for you.

So mom I love you and Happy Birthday to you this day November 15th, 2018.

May God bless you and keep you always. Thank you for always trying and thank you for being the model I wish to exemplify.


Your one and only daughter