Are you addicted or

Have you ever thought about why you do this?

Art of Mindfulness – Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

1. Everyone else is

2. You are shy/introvert and using phone to avoid others

3. Don’t know how to start conversations

4. Maybe just not comfortable with silence or simply doing nothing

5. You like being busy doing nothing

6. Reading a book never occurred to you


Scam Alert

Fraudsters impersonate IRS

This link will take you to video

Someone sent this to me today. Just be aware of any scams. I’m usually wary. In my job I get hit with many especially via emai. Personally I get targeted via email as well, but some by phone even though I’ve had my number blocked from unsolicited calls. Somehow they find a way around it.

Don’t be a victim. Fight back by being informed, vigilant – and most importantly don’t be afraid when and if you do accept such calls, to ask more questions. Call them back, research. Here’s an idea!!! Call the IRS yourself !

IRS Telephone Numbers:





TTY/TDD for people with hearing impairments


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