A Day to Remember

Do you remember because of one day?

Do you remember ?

Many have given their lives for freedom, justice, and human rights. Whether you agree or not of the process. Remember the fallen.


The Battle is Already Won

The battle is already won

Sometimes when we look back at our battles, all we can see are our wounds. We do not see our victories.

Some of our battles were so all-consuming the wounds seem indelible. The ability to heal sometimes is a conscious and all encompassing effort, psychologically and physically.

Is it impossible to heal and be eventually happy with our wins? It’s entirely up to you.

My opinion? Yes! Absolutely! Never allow any situation to take you out, to defeat you or bring you so down that you stay down. It is only human to feel emotions. Deal with them and move to the next door or window which is your victory waiting for you.

If you don’t move that victory won’t discover itself and you will stay wallowing in your battles, feeling defeated every step you make. Now, is that what God destined for you or are your battles already won?

Stand firm

Believe it’s a Good Friday

Yesterday 4.17.19 I wrote this affirmation to myself.

I feel victorious tonight and at the same time while I’m enjoying this major victory I get a direct attack on my victory.

I was elated, then my mind shifted to some issues I’m currently experiencing and working out.


I had to remind myself of that victory which was no small matter. All day I petitioned for the victory and I received it so I had to speak more positivity into the situation which was trying to creep in and destroy my joy.

I am thankful Andi know God has much more victories in store for me and mine.


I am thankful today as I am everyday for the ups, the downs and in betweens. Everything which happens has a reason. It’s all about my reaction, response and reasoning.

If I react to everything without examining and analyzing “what is really happening”….then I’m bound to react, rather than respond.

When I respond, generally I’ve taken the time to ask the relevant questions, and give it a reasonable look over.

Being reasonable is subjective, I know but you know what I mean. I’ve look at other points of views and employed some critical thinking.

So this is why I am thankful mostly because I do try to do everything with love. God knows.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend and Happy Holy Easter to you all.

I saw it – Part 2 – Crabs in a Barrell

Imagine your life draining from you as you struggle to pull yourself together after witnessing a Particularly horrific sight. It’s a helpless, disarming feeling. Added to that I totally froze as this creature like thing seemed to approach me, rapidly.

I can’t say it was a man alone because the look was of a desperate creature with many faces. It definitely wasn’t an animal either because it had human form beside the faces there was distinctly arms, and fingers.

The gigantic, crab-man creature turned its attention away and was dragging the helpless girl by her arm. By now she was unconscious and unaware of the dangers she was in.

Then I realized something, the creature was feeling trapped. It was desperately looking for a way out, but between me and my farm hands the exits were not going to be immediately passable and the creature was barred certainly.

The creature seemed to understand we had the power to end its life, and steered clear of potential exits and entrances. It kept going deeper and deeper into the darkness of the back barn where it appeared it was familiar with the layout .

I Saw It

I saw it

The child suddenly showed up in our workspace annexed the barn, looking disheveled , hungry and forlorn. We didn’t know what to do with her, especially because of the time. Getting the law involved would mean trekking to a station 50 miles away and the old cranker won’t make it even 2 miles.

We decided to wait until morning to hopefully set out with one of the carriers delivering feed and grains to the farms.

At 2:30 am we were rudely awaken by a loud noise. At first we thought it was one of the barn animals mostly likely the pigs, being harrassed by a fox or even one of the sheep…bit the sound was eerily himan. The shriek was loud and piercing that everyone of us, a total of 15 person all woke up to the sound.

I was the first to arrive down the stairs and out the cabin door. As I rounded the corner to the rearmost barn, the feeling of foreboding increased so rapidly I could feel my heart reaching out my chest.

What I saw as I entered the barn then made my heart actually drop unto the ground and I felt the life drain from my body.