9/11 a reminder to pray for those in need 



Good Morning bloggers and readers,  – please be aware of the New WhatsApp scam….previously known as WhatsApp Gold, now they’ve upgraded to WhatsApp VIP to lure you into downloading a virus. You’ve seen it before, we  have seen it on our Facebook pages, or someone else Facebook page.  Unlikely material, usually pornographic or suggestive, anything to catch your attention. The intent is to get you to link and they install malware to your system, oftentimes crippling your system, accessing private info on your computer, i.e. banking, personal etc. So, just ignore things which does not make sense When WhatsApp has sometime new, we will all know about it via the proper channels.


Whatsapp 4G Gold Scam Continue reading “WHATSAPP 4G VIP SCAM”

Have you lived your best life today – 1

Have you lived your best day today?
Oftentimes we look back and wonder where has all the time gone? 

 Have we lived our true potential? Hhhmmmm???? 

Run the race with endurance

What else can I do to make it rich or simply to have a better life? 

 I want comforts like the next guy or gal, home, cars and things. What can I do to attain these things? Who is willing to help me? Where can I go for help? 

 The answers are all there. We have to be willing however to seek them out, work hard for them and not just wonder and wish upon a star. Wishing mostly stays inactive in the mind, but action proves beneficial and bears fruits. You just have to believe and persevere and most importantly care for yourself, love yourself.  If you don’t take care of you, you won’t have the capacity to take care of others, much less love anyone.


Live your best day today❤️

Perfect Body Realistically

Perfect body image Realistically


We each have a specific body type and thankfully we all do not look the same. What a boring world this would be if we did.



So, what do you do when you are at a point where you simply need to do something about your body? Are you feeling like there are areas you would like to improve but just can’t reach your goals?   Maybe you need motivation?

I know because I’ve been there🙏🏽. I didn’t want to bothered with all the self help videos nor the quick fixes and the endless ramblings of all the secret formulas people…but at the end of the day it was just a scam to take money from me without tangible results.


So,  here’s what I did, and you can do it too. I started walking myself to a healthier me.

I started picking and choosing everything I ate,  and ate healthier, in smaller portions and more frequently throughout the day.

No secret formula, just simple common sense stuff we learned as children, but we forget as adults.

I remember eating a small breakfast every morning as a child. My granny was a caterer so I was fortunate to have nutritious meals daily. Once I got to school at 8:00 am we had a recess at about 10 am with a nutritious snack of milk and crackers/cookies. Next meal was at 12 noon then we had gym or P.E. To reduce lethargy, then we had another snack around 2pm and school will usually end 2 hours thereafter – just in time for dinner. The routine was perfect and I was fit, slim (not according to everyone’s standard), and healthy.

I went right back to basics and achieved more than 40lbs weight loss over one year. I did not plan to lose that much, it just started falling off and still continues to fall off as I focus on health rather than weight.

I care for my body, my skin, hair and teeth. I am not perfect but I am satisfied with where I am in my health quest. My main goal alongside all the practical applications is to be the best Crystal I can be. Not someone from Hollywood or on tv, not models or anyone else… Just me.

So, as I wrap up sharing this journey,  anyone needing guidance can gladly ask and I would try to help where I can. Just remember one thing, nothing is impossible with God. Just keep the faith and keep your focus on Him and on your health goals. We only have one life to live, let’s live it!


Now my focus is on building core strength, relaxing more, learning to have more me time and just enjoying life (especially since I work so hard).




2016 New Beginnings

I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve written anything for this blog (August, 2015???)  Wow!   Unbelievable!  Good news….I’ve been journaling quite frequently in my smartphone notes app.   This year 2016 I said was new beginnings and new beginnings they have been.

I don’t know when I will be finished, but I’m just going with the flow.  I spoke to myself months  before the new year  started and I established some goals for myself and I’ve pretty much stayed on target.   Just one more to go really to wrap things up, then it’s just maintenance after that.

Still working with people needing jobs and financial assistance.  Helping with resume, taxes, credit – whatever I can do to help.  Every little counts.  I also feel the more empowered an individual becomes is the more they can help themselves, and others.

I had a personal situation recently which has me a little unnerved but I’m fighting it.  Everyone in the family are doing well, so I’m grateful.  Only exception is my Uncle Jude who passed away on Saturday.  He was my dad’s older brother and a favored Uncle.  He will be missed.

Haven’t seen my granddaughter in quite a few days..I was hoping that was going to be rectified tonight when I came in from work, but she never showed.    Hopefully mom and I will see her tomorrow.  

Well, it’s Tuesday – Have a great day and enjoy all that life has to offer.  Don’t focus on the negative.  Stay positive.  Positive vibrations creates happiness and long life.










August 2015

Hello August

August is a really peculiar time of year.  Just think about it.  It’s almost the end of summer and the beginning of a new fall season.  We try not to think of summer ending (well I do think of summer ending because I love the cooler weather), and try to drag it out.  It is also a time of remembrance for me because there were so many things happening with my family during this month, a few years ago.

I am working on a few projects now.  A few are not as daunting as I’m making them out to be, but my time is of the essence so it seems daunting now.  I know as I start knocking down the list they will get done, but for now they are there and I can’t wait to finish them all off.

I’m thinking of growth, adjustments, changes and my mind is deciding what, where, why, who, and when?  SHM!   I find also that my sleep patterns have changed drastically.  I’m usually an early riser, but of late I’m up earlier than normal.  But, the good news is I’m making good use of that time.  Bad news is, I’m usually more tired by midday.

I am thinking of doing another volunteer project.  The Red Cross is coming to mind for me, since they have so many opportunities in my skill area particularly, and in my community.

I attended a financial services meeting today and it was quite interesting, if I must say so myself.  I’m hoping what comes out of it is a consciousness toward financial planning and management, especially with young people.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and have fun.

bring back our girls 481

Can’t Please Everyone

Positive Images

Recently I’ve heard so many negative comments about President Obama, it’s just amazing.  He may not be perfect, but I thank God for him, especially since he has been doing so much towards raising the country’s consciousness about black images.   So many want to believe the hype that “all” blacks are lazy, shiftless, uneducated, violent, and just unambitious.   As president, Obama has been able to disprove all those stereotypes, and also to create a platform for young, black kids, especially those without positive role models,  to realize they have alternatives.

What choices will our children make

As we view social media and television it seems the African communities across the diaspora is under severe attack, especially our men.   We have to bring our social life back under control, and we have to do it quickly.   Order has to be restored.  The shootings, the arrests, the  embarrassing public displays.  I cringe just thinking about the kids who are sitting behind their computers and looking on.  What are they thinking?  How are they digesting all of this?  Where will they be in 10-20 years as a result?  Who will they emulate?  Action is required on each individual.  I’m not talking about Essence, Ebony, BET, and these mediums of entertainment.  I mean action from the point of view of men who are employed, underemployed in some cases, self employed and even those involved in sports who can play a proactive role in the lives of children who are in need of mentors.   A takes a village, and it takes a village to move a child in the direction of self-sufficiency.


There are resources available for those in needs.  Whether you are in need of food, shelter, clothing, etc.

  • http://camba.org/   This organization can point you in the direction of housing, food, clothing, legal and even employment.  But I would suggest you sign up with a few temporary agencies on your own as well, to give yourself more options.  Most of these agencies are dependent on grants, so essentially you are a number to them.  But, you learn a lot, so I won’t so they are totally useless.  Notice I said, they can point you in the direction.  Don’t depend on them to find anything for you.
  • National Housing Services(NHS)  provides the following, (Emergency Home Repairs, Financial capability assistance, first time home owners information, foreclosure intervention, home improvement, refinance information).
  • Banks – http://www.littleafrica.com/resources/banks.pdf

Picture Gallery – Historical

my accra and saltfish dish

Nice lady kind enough to stop and allow me take her picture
Nice lady kind enough to stop and allow me take her picture
My children are my image

reflection photoKeira wyattvillage of god's children love a child with the love of godbringbackourgirls 152days


Today is the 152nd day since 273 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped. We ask that all of you, from whatever city/country you live, to continue to march and hold rallies. Continue to call your government leaders and tell your friends. We will not be silenced.

Every day the family at the Bring Back Our Girls headquarters in Abuja march and rally by the hundreds.

#bringbackourgirls www.bringbackourgirls.us