I live right here in the heart of Brooklyn.  A familiar scene is horrible customer service.  Oftentime customers can be seen arguing with employees.  It hurts my heart.  I oftentime create diversions to get the employee to focus on something else while the customer slinks away muttering to themselves and very unsatisfied with their experience.  This is very disheartening because one should never leave an establishment feeling disenchanted, or disgruntled.

It is my vision to get businesses in this area in particular to increase customer service training to staff.  Make a more concerted effort to follow up on customer service complaints when they do get them.  And, simply listen to what customers are saying about their shopping experience.
Customer service is an essential feature of a business. If we are not valued as customers what is the point of spending our money?


Hello world!

Hi, my name is Crystal Simmons.  As I develop this blog I will focus on customer service.  It is an essential part of a business.  What is the point of us patronizing a business if we do not get excellent customer service back, as a return.  If you attend a University or College, or you buy at McDonald’s, it is your right, not a privilege to get good customer service in exchange for your hard earned money.  Demand it.  This does not mean you have to be disrespectful or hostile.  Simply pick up your pen or get on the internet and find someone who can make a difference.  I hope to hear from you all soon about your experiences.  If there is anything I can help you with, let me know.  I’ll do my best to help out.  Please do not continue to spend your money where it is not appreciated.


Crystal C. Simmons