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Black Love

The best way to celebrate love is to reinvest in yourself and your community. You will only reap what you sow.

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Let’s help each other Africa

Africa is awaiting Africans in the Diaspora.

Help them so they can help us so we can help each other. It’s basic economics. It’s cyclical. You get out what you put in.

Support your local black businesses. The online black businesses and create your own wealth.

History has taught us no one values us regardless of education, contributions or position. So, start valuing yourself/selves.

Suffering as we have as a people will only change when we realize our own worth. The mass incarcerations, historical enslavement and present mistreatments will only stop when you rise above it all economically. And unitedly.

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Perspective – Is it all how you look at me?


Black is beautiful etsy

Maybe can be certainly

Cannot can be can

Weak can be strong

Incapable can be capable

Disadvantage can be advantage

Black is black and beautiful and certain, which means I can be black and strong and capable with an advantage just because I’m black every day means I am positive and filled with possibilities.

Race card

It’s all how I look at me, not how you look at me. My perspective is everything because my possibilities are endless.

Black is beautiful quotes

”The secret to attraction is to love yourself” – Deepak Chopra

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Happy Kwanzaa – Ujamaa


On the fourth day of #Kwanzaa the black candle is lit at first, then the utmost left red one, then the farthest right green one and at last the next red candle, placed at the left hand side of the black one, is lit. It represents the 4th principle, i.e. #ujamaa (oo-jah-MAH) or Collective Economics.

The #fourthprinciple is then discussed with the present members. The Unity cup is shared and the candles are turned off.


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Happy Kwanzaa

Busy day yesterday but determined to focus in on my seven principles and reestablish some foundational principles we’ve been led away from as a people.

Culture, traditions are all part of identity. Who are we? Where did we come from? So important. So as we meditate on these 7 principles here’s wishing you a Happy, healthy, long and prosperous life for you and yours.

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Beyond Racist

See video

I read things and then I have to re-read them. Then I wonder to this for real? What cave like behavior is this?


Then a see of other questions ensue because I just don’t get it!!!! People!!!

Why is this referee not fired on the spot?

Is the world of white people looking on at how African people are still being treated?

If so, where are you? Where is your outrage? Why in 2018 soon to be 2019 this type of behavior is still allowed?

Slavery ended but we seem to be treated more and more as subhumans and no outrage from all creed and race except us Africans.

What cave like behavior is this?

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African Spirit

African Spirit

I know for many this conversation MAY not be what you expect , so here goes. Please note, I am not afraid to have a healthy , honest, progressive discourse as long as you are respectful and willing to actually discourse. This conversation is about uplifting Africans in the diaspora and creating positive movements and change, not about bashing anyone else.

I’ve stated on numerous occasions that each person is absolutely entitled to their own set of belief systems. So I exercise mine and expect everyone else to exercise theirs.

When we date or marry a man or woman of another race we say whatever or that’s his/her business. But as soon as he/ she dates or marry another brother/sister dark skin or light skin we throw shade and ask why you choose THAT kind of man/woman? Something special about him/her? You hating on your own skin shade?

Django unchained

Well my friends that’s self hate. Regardless of the complexions.. you are black, they are black and we all belong to the same African race of people.

We have been conditioned to fight against each other for a purpose. The only way to dominate or keep us enslaved was to first divide us then conquer our minds, bodies and spirit.

Escaping slavery

This is no small feat in lieu of the african spirit. We are Warrior Kings and Queens who know our rightful place and destiny. The destiny which has been ripped, raped, brutalized and enslaved meaning to kill our survival instinctive spirit.

But it has failed. We are still here..thriving by a string, now we have to wake up to the reality of our meager existence and act.

The spirit of oneness with the earth and respect for the divine within each of us is a complete mystery to many of us present day.

African Spirituality

But if you are fortunate enough to spend time studying and pursuing history and your culture you would realize how much you’ve lost and how much has been stolen and recycled in other ways that you don’t even recognize it anymore as your original belief, culture, etc.

Culture bandits

Next step is for us to reunite as brothers and sisters and finally reestablish our financial foothold.

Black Unity Matters

Two very important steps to rebuilding the African empire. Don’t be afraid to feel it, say it nor express it by living a more abundant , original and fruitful life. It’s your birthright.

A few Interesting feedback prior to posting on

“Part of the reasons why us as black people may comment on another black person marrying a ‘brother or sister’ is sometimes to do with the quality or lack of it in that person. Also this notion that because some of our ancestors were Kings and Queens does not automatically infer that right to us and why we peddle this stuff I just don’t understand.. be proud of you as a individual and then if you feel it works for you to align yourself to your race in regards to the history then go for it but stop inflating people’s sense of self/ego when they often can’t get the fundamental basic aspects of being a Decent mentally healthy Human Being! The more we tell ourselves that swallowing this stuff will make everything right is naive thinking.. I could go on and on… We have to stop lowering our standards of what is acceptable in society and raise our mental emotional and spiritual selves and truly work for the whole of our so called people.. Too often the black people who have the opportunity to really serve their ‘people’ do nothing of the sort and bring their ignorant greedy dark energy to deal with other people’s lives and this is still going on all over the world.. I applaud every black man woman and child who is trying to be real honest loving (I have no time for hatred of other races as that energy keeps you stuck) and trying to do the best they can in this very troubled world…

This is my own private opinion and not for public viewing as I don’t have any inclination to discuss this with the dreadful level of poor mental health which is very evident on social media.. I have better uses of my time.. Peace.. 😇”


“I couldn’t agree with you more. There have always been attacks on the black community in regards to being fruitful amongst each other. The definition of Self destructive behaviors is any behavior that negatively impacts our mind or body by the life choices we make. Negative meme’s and subconsciously racist post have become viral within our community and it has warped mentalities across the world. The time has come back to take back our mind, body and soul. and continue creating greatness.”

Jeremy B.

“I think it is a very powerful piece. Self love is something individually we have to work on… Love for each other will manifest as a result. Unity is our strength.

I have to read it a 2nd time…

Self love at a soul level… Not the ego level. That doesn’t manifest the result we need.”


“Critical feedback, lawd..! madam in reference to this topic, I would not have much to contribute especially after I got lablashed for commentative statements on a portion of Serena Williams life story leading to her present.

In TT a case of soft drinks.

It started off from her some press thing where she was speaking about those people who fight her down verbally and otherwise blah blah, I mentioned and still you’re with a white guy… and all hell came at me.”

Lincoln R.

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An interestIng read about race in America…

Link to info on book
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Worship Treasure

LIVE with Jumbo ft Funke Akinokun, Emmanuel Adamah & Worship Culture

Let’s us Exalt Him with ALL His names, and cross languages knowing He is the same. Amen🙏🏽💕

Wirship Culture feat Funke Akinokun

Photo credit

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Hang in ThereHappy Friday
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If you’ve ever lived in a village or hamlet styled community, you will immediately understand the importance of connectionS.

ConnectionS bring us together and reflects our humanity. ConnectionS demands importance of elders, children, leadership, love, and respect in the continuity of life.

Everything is cyclical so without the connectionS we are not able to perpetuate generationally the ConnectionS which bring us together and reflects our humanity. ConnectionS demands importance of elders, children, leadership, love, and respect in the continuity of life, traditions, norms, rules, laws and values.

ConnectionS creates a well balanced, intuitive and grounded community which can then flourish because they are all actively invested in their community and themselves.

Living in bigger cities our connectionS become strained, saturated and unfortunately in far too many cases, non-existent.

We begin to lose value for morality, culture and life. We observe suffering and treat it as normal. Homelessness, distress and destitution are a regular observance in our own families, community, on trains, buses and subways daily. We have become callous and only move to satiate our conscience during holidays, with acts of goodwill. But on normal days we pass the needy without a wink of an eye. We’ve lost our innate sense of connection.

My cousin VB’s contribution:
“what I will say is that back in the day community had it’s negative as well.. too rigid, people weren’t always free to speak their mind’s, perverted people went unnoticed because people trusted ‘pillars of society’ folk with their children…. So there is good and bad in old and modern society…”. Well said and valuable feedback VB. Thank you.

My Aunt Joy Herbert Headley’s contribution:

“ Boom!!!. Excellent. Connections also create accountability which is why our children are not being taught this directly or indirectly. More and more as we are living in gated communities or new housing developments, etc. where people come from all walks of life and generations who haven’t grown up together or lived in the the same neighbourhood for a long duration of time, we are losing our connectivity. It’s a silent epidemic.” Yes indeed Aunt Joy it’s a balance as we can clearly see. Thanks Aunty.

My cousin Donna Sylvester contribution: “Agreed!
and you know what?
As far as ethnic groups we have over the years … Migrated as individuals.
Chineese, Indians they move as groups and that has made it worse for us. It makes us more vulnerable and disconnected from our traditions … As a group we have done the most assimilation to other cultures.” Such wisdom. We have to hold on to our history and culture no matter what. But how do we maintain the connectionS in light of all the obstacles?

My friend Lincoln Roland:

“It’s fact! not much to add as I’ll start babbling but definitely there have been many generational re adjustments that has contributed to this worldwide form disconnect, gradually spiraling itself as far back in the earlier years, when everyone and section was seeking rights and with that in the atmosphere, an infectious over view of things that was observed as ” A MUST DO, SHOULD DO or SAY” has become the ” IF I WANT TO BECAUSE OF CHOiCE I DON’T HAVE TO” also too because there’s much more of what is known as wickedness about and misinterpretations galore incorporated with a dose of lazy; babbling too long.” Not babbling my friend but valid and valuable insight.

We have to balance between the old and the new while still ensuring safety of the next generation and acknowledge the negative impacts around us, not being oblivious. Allowing ourselves to maturate, enrich ourselves financially but keep our values regardless. Teach our children good morals by example and by whom we allow them to associate. Finally, we are a result of our ancestors. Why forget them? Why not embrace them? Learn from their good and bad and move forward with positive energy.

Let’s have an Ubuntu life…I am because we are.

Crystal Simmons

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There is only one me

There’s only one me

I seem to reflect on this one thought ever so often.

The first reason being, it is a fact.

There’s only one me.

Secondly, the earlier in life we begin to understand, internalize and more importantly accept this fact, so much more fall into place for us and our authenticity allows us to have peace and many things suddenly make more sense. For one, you accept all of your imperfections and you relate and communicate as you view you view yourself, as a diamond, genuine and priceless. Secondly, how others view you does not fluster you because you are you to yourself and that’s uncompromising and refreshing.

Thirdly, there is a tremendous amount of power and freedom harnessed in acceptance of oneself as you are.

Fourthly, but not the last, those around you appreciate you more because you’ve accepted yourself, are comfortable within that framework of who you are and that makes you a more enjoyable and loveable person.

After that one, genuine, authentic you…there won’t be another. The mold can only be cut once so enjoy every moment you can so you can laugh and smile at yourself with others and at the memories each day. Not the end of your days.

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Catching Up – Crystal Simmons


GIL NOBLE DIES AT 80 Years young!!!

It’s been days now since I’ve posted a new blog.  During the last few days I’ve digested so much and don’t know how and where to begin, but I will start with Gil Noble because he was such an important figure in my community.  Mr. Noble died on April 5th, 2012 and I did not hear of it until Saturday when I was watching a program on television and saw Minister Farakhan giving part of the eulogy.  That’s when I realized this wonderful man had passed on.   Please take time out and reflect on some of the interesting guests he’s had on his prominent show Like it Is.

My Week – ha ha!!

Very busy!  Let’s start there.  I have been running searches on my computer trying to find a place for mommy.  I finally found a realtor who took me to a few places, but none were what we were looking for.  But, we hit the jackpot on Sunday and we are keeping our fingers crossed since she will be submitting an application.  It is perfect.  My son also had a few dentist appointments, a few fillings and an extraction.  Not cool at all, since his pain threshold is zilch.   My daughter is busy as usual between work and school and we have so many interesting conversations about first glimpse.  Wink wink! And, of course my daily job hunting quests, laundry, chores, cooking, etc. (too many to mention).

China: South Africa’s Latest Role Model?

I try to stay updated on local events and also international news by reading widely.  So, this article is very interesting to me because South Africa, like few African countries are using China’s economy as their model for economic growth and restoration.  I am optimistic and hope to see gains instead of losses.  See another article on  China in Africa.  It’s an interesting read.

New York Update

What’s new in New York?

Here are some cool links for activities and events.  Enjoy!!!!!

New York

MTB Studio – My friend Mary Boyer teaches you the cool art of storytelling – She’s the best!!

Tropical Paradise Restaurant (they also have a ballroom) – Delicious !!!! The link takes you directly to their menu and you can order for takeout or delivery.

BUS Trips (Atlantic City, Martha’s VineyardSchomburg Center for Research, Night out of Fun, and Montreal Canada   – I plan bus rides a few times annually.  If you are interested email me at for details on costs etc.  I usually need about 20-25 participants.   I try to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city as much as I can.  Especially since I work so much.  I burn the candle on both ends and deserve a little down time whenever I can.  We have all this fun on round trip party buses.

Ten Facts about the Child Tax Credit

This is a very interesting link and I feel many people are not aware of these facts, so here’s hoping you learn something.

Crystal Simmons