Once upon an Insecure Girl – Introduction — Kristina – Once upon a Beautifully Flawed Girl

My friend Kristina wrote this very powerful, personal and interesting Post which I wanted to share with my followers.  It is interesting to me that she uses the word flawed, but when I look at her I see a perfect creation by God.  Those of us with hidden flaws limit ourselves in so many ways. This young lady is definitely someone to look out for ,  I introduce to you all my friend Kristina  please give her a warm and hearty welcome and don’t forget to follow her.  Thanks again  have a beautiful night.


After almost thirty years on this earth, there has never been more clarity in my mind as to the woman I was created to be. In my youth, until only a few years ago; I have always strived toward the notion of being ‘normal’, or at least being viewed as ‘normal’. On my website, I […]

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