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Seed Life

Every day I reach for some measure of hope and positivity. Something to motivate me to the next moment, day or next season.

I have to admit, it’s not easy. Lots of people make it seem easy. All you’ve got to do is believe. It takes more than that though if your foundation isn’t right. Oh boy, now we getting technical…foundations?? What is that? Well, it’s a process. A tree doesn’t just materialize from nowhere, especially a strong, healthy tree. It started as a seed, a thought, then someone planted that seed.

Someone had to love you, believe in you to plant that seed. Even if it wasn’t an intentional planting. Someone, somewhere INTENDED for you to be here. You are not an accident. Remove that shroud and know you are everything. Your seed was purposed.

The Process

Once you were planted, then that watering process began. This is where it’s tricky. Who is watering is very important you see because their energy can easily become your energy. Do they have experience watering seeds? Most do not…let’s be honest. Not everyone is Dr. Phil.

Who taught them how to water? Do you need sun or shade? Is the soil you planted in apt to allow growth through the different seasons? All important questions right? The thing is, these are variables a planter or a farmer usually takes into consideration in the life of his crops or plants.

What do people think about when they are planting a seed called a child ? What do we think about when we reproduce a child? Do we know what kind of tree will come forth as a consequence of our grafting? Sadly for many of us that answer is – nothing and no.

How can that be ? Why if a farmer wants good crops, he makes the investment of great soil , tools, etc to produce the best crops. Why is it that people do not do the same?

Why aren’t we pairing ourselves with the right mates, great manners, positive attitude, and all the attributes we desire? That’s a question we must delve into as we move into the next millennia.

We must begin the process of changing our lives and outcomes. We reap what we sow is a fact and very relevant If we want exemplary lives.

Frame your reference

In the meantime, if things aren’t perfect here is your chance to start again – take your shovels out and start tilling the soul around you. Invest in things which enriched you. What makes you happy will have a ripple effect so just be happy. Plant seeds of hope and positivity wherever you go by the things you say and do.

It’s not always an easy road. I’ll be remiss if I misguided you this way, but it’s a process and the only way for you to find your rewards, is to live life positively.

Never Forget — Children of Afrika

By Thando Sipuye

Every once in awhile someone releases, recites, publishes something worthy of mentioning, posting and exploring further.

As a people we don’t have to hate anyone, and we do not generally. However, we have to look at our history, aberrant treatments handed down to us in hopes of keeping us lower than animals. We have to clear our path to a new ownership of self, understanding clearly we are not chattel to be bought and sold on the auction block, felt up, defiled then told we are worthless.

As we move forward we must raise our individual and collective standards remembering everything done by one is labeled to each and everyone of us in the eyes of the person or persons wishing to keep their foot on our necks.

I know, it’s an impossible mission, but as an individual you can do your best to make a difference and to change our community for a better one.

Remember to buy black. It’s the only way out of this servitude.


Children of Afrika Poem by Thando Sipuye

In order to have a better future..we must remember what we have been through in the past. Remember you are Royalty.

Positive Change

You are the key

If you desire something, only you and effect the process of achieving that something.

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We tend to believe we are stuck in a place or with someone, sometimes repeated behaviors, sadly because that is what we trick ourselves into believing. We can’t see the future. We exist only in the here and now dilemma.

But, it takes one tiny step towards what may appear to be an impossibility for you to see a light, it may just be a glimmer, but if will get brighter and brighter the more you dyrp towards it.

Set daily goals to achieve so that you don’t step backwards. Even if you fall back momentarily that should be a win.

Whenever we ”fail” or fall there isusually a lesson learned that’s the win to propel you forward. Giving up is not an option.

The you in 6 months, one year, 5 years will be completely transformed.

Positive change oftentimes involves people, places and things which you have no power to change. But, you do have power over yourself.

Change yourself and the positive changes will naturally occur. Don’t be afraid to change your outlook to include people, places and things. Surprisingly they will come along once you stand your ground and implant your mission.

Either they go along or go away. Either way you keep forging forward to keep positive. Mind you, this is not about hurting others. It’s all about making a better you. Sometimes others become better too but the focus has to be you first.

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