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Black Man’s message to America 1960’s

Very powerful message.A must see if you want to

Understand some of the injustices black America snd the rest of the African diaspora suffers through.

We do not need handouts, we’ve never asked for handouts. Let’s begin by treating each other as equals, and giving us what’s due to us first in the form of reparations. Every other ethnic group had gotten theirs EXCEPT the black man.

Why is that? That is the question! Do you have any idea? I would love to hear your perspectives.

Never Forget β€” Children of Afrika

By Thando Sipuye

Every once in awhile someone releases, recites, publishes something worthy of mentioning, posting and exploring further.

As a people we don’t have to hate anyone, and we do not generally. However, we have to look at our history, aberrant treatments handed down to us in hopes of keeping us lower than animals. We have to clear our path to a new ownership of self, understanding clearly we are not chattel to be bought and sold on the auction block, felt up, defiled then told we are worthless.

As we move forward we must raise our individual and collective standards remembering everything done by one is labeled to each and everyone of us in the eyes of the person or persons wishing to keep their foot on our necks.

I know, it’s an impossible mission, but as an individual you can do your best to make a difference and to change our community for a better one.

Remember to buy black. It’s the only way out of this servitude.


Children of Afrika Poem by Thando Sipuye

In order to have a better future..we must remember what we have been through in the past. Remember you are Royalty.

Map your Path

Self Examination

All experiences, good or bad shapes who you are today. Examine these experiences and get to the root of why you do certain things, and why you respond to people, places and things the way you do.

Do you accept who you are as a result of these experiences?

Or do you see room for improvement?

Self examination is critical for growth and maturation. Don’t be afraid to delve deep.


Our history of racism, brutalization, rape, abuses against us to include stripping us of our identity, culture, fanily.

We must find a path through to survival as a race and stop not just others from objectifying us, but most importantly we must stop objectifying ourselves.

Where do you go from here?

What do you do next?

The answers are all there and only you can find them.


βœ“ Children learn what they live. This is so true, so start from here. What did you learn as a child? How can you change or improve?

You are what you eat. This isn’t all just about food? Everything you take in is food. The things you watch, the people you are around, and what you hear, see, everything. Some things are more subliminal and I think more impacting. So be aware of the things which may sneak into your subconscious in small ways. A remark, a flash card or word.

Everything is consciousness, sub or not. All consciousness lends to what you do next, and what you say next which becomes part of your existence or experiences.

Map your path for yourself


Definition of sankofa:

In Ghanaian Akan Culture this is Adinkra symbol it is called Sankofa it means go back to your roots this is an illustration of a bird fetching.

I Am Black Every Day

Black History Month

My history goes beyond one month

Black history is not an oxymoron

Every day images bombards me and promotes images of worth and love

Where are the black images, why are we the only ones who are relenting against

the images that do not represent who we are as a people

Why are we repressed and downpressed so…

I use the energy of denial to empower and enrich


History is important. If you don’t know history it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it. Howard Zinn

VillageTalk BY Caribguhl





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