Lean on me

As we near almost a month mark since the government shut down I just wanted to remind everyone – there’s always tomorrow. Things may look bad, bills are going unpaid, mortgages and rents are due, but wake up each day and try to look on the bright side of things. Find the people in your life who really matter.

(Bill Withers – Lean on Me resung by Michael Bolton)

They are real brothers/sisters where and when it counts. They don’t say you can depend in me. They actually mean it. Also like the song says, you won’t know until you ask someone for help. Don’t be ashame to ask. It may make a difference one day to the next just helping a friend .

Help a friend

So many are in real need now so keep your eyes pealed for those in real need folks. You may think you know but you don’t. They are really good at hiding from everyone because of their pride. People are in dire straits. I’m not talking about the banks and the big corporations. I’m talking about consumers, the man on the street. The small guys.

Talking with one of my Lyft drivers and he said things are at least 50% slower since the shutdown. Just imagine what that does to his income and his ability to produce.

Savings are being depleted to cover a range of expenses. Some have had to tap into savings at the cost if being taxed. many do not have the luxury of savings. There is nothing.

So just be patient with yourselves out there. Be careful what you allow the media to leak into your souls right about now. It’s often time information meant to steer your thinking away from what’s really important. What is that?

Be kind

We are important. We have to take care of each other because those in power take care of themselves by both sides. They don’t really care about the masses. So take care if yourself, your family and friends. Be good, kind and loving

The craziness will end. Try to stay intact until such a time.

Peace to you


Surround yourself in love

Spending Responsibly

Following are the types of companies you should avoid in your neighborhoods. Mind you, they are deeply rooted ONLY in poor communities and mostly areas where black people reside.

These rent to own enterprise are suppose to help individuals establish good credit where they possibly had no existing or bad credit. But instead they employ usury and the individuals find themselves in an impossible to pay off situation which they eventually default, lose their possessions because it is repossessed oftentimes, and their credit not improved or even more diminished.

Rent to own allows buyers with no credit, bad credit or little money for a down payment to enter into a purchase contract. The rent-to-own option allows the buyer to establish a steady payment history, and to finally establish traditional credit without lower interest rates.

People usually go into renting appliances, furniture, cars, etc without understanding their contractual agreement. So, first rule – read your contract.

1. You usually have options:

A. Life happens do return the item and freeze the account so you can actually come back later and resume payments and pick up your item or similar.

B. If you do not return items you are in default of a contractual agreement. Oftentimes if it’s a 90 day agreement it can be paid of same as cash so pay off and walk away with peace of mind if you wish to keep the items. You also haven’t lost any money in interest and penalties oftentimes.

C. If the agreement or contract is beyond 6 months be aware you are most likely paying 3 times or more , most likely, the actual value of the item. I will give you and example . You’ve purchase a microwave for $99.00 with taxes in my state that’s $ 109.00 but in 6-12 months under the terms of a rent to buy you most likely end up spending 300-600 due to interest and oftentimes penalties.

There’s is a lot to consider for your financial health as you consider engaging the services of the following businesses which are not intended to give you financial freedom, but rather to

1. Furniture rental or rent to own

2. Appliances rental or rent to own

3. Title company – handing over your vehicles title for short term loans

4. Payday loan

I think you get my point. Save, save, save. Buy what you need in cash. Or if you need to establish credit, do it wisely using short time purchasing paying off over 3 months same as cash.

Get a secured credit card and establish a great payment history. It all comes together for helping you reach those financial goals. Spend responsibly , pay off all open balances or at least more than your monthly due. It is also prudent to have 20 percent or less of the card balance open.

Thank you for reading!!

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