Art of War

Good Morning.

Hope you are enjoying the start of your weekend. Happy Birthday to celebrants this weekend? Happy Anniversary and please stay safe to those of you at risk.

Plot Thickens

It occurred to me in just this moment as I am reviewing posts on IG and on WhatsApp that there is mass confusion in the air. It is deliberate and strategic. If you’ve ever read The Art of War, you would understand that politics and politicians are one and the same. It really doesn’t matter their color or association. They are ALL driven by the same lust – Money and ultimately power.

You ask yourself well why did they promise this or that? Well beloved that’s what politicians do. They are fishers of men, they know how to bait and tackle . It’s their innate sensor which has been highly tuned for survival of the fittest.

People choose political parties and hang all their hopes that they will do right by their vote. I have news for you today. They don’t care!!! It’s a corrupt and vile system which is oiled and tuned by one sound and one sound alone ….the sound of money and that illusive power.

You wonder what it will take for them to get it right? Well like a serial killer it’s the temporary fix, but they will kill over and over again until they are caught. The only way for the madness to stop, for the unnecessary death of our votes is for us to choose our own dollars in our communities.

The world of commerce is very global and not turning back. Your choices of where you spend your dollars and with whom is still relevant. Do your research and ensure the vendors you support, support you in some way. It must have an impact, even if it is a trickle initially.

Stop spending your votes on candidates who do not give a rats#%£ about you, your community or your next generation. Just look around you, if the state of affairs does not speak volumes to you, I don’t know what it will take to wake you up.

Mental health boost day


Each day you wake up you strive for something. What is it? Is it happiness? Joy? peace? Normal?

I don’t believe in normal only because my normal yesterday is different from normal today.

But I do believe in happiness, joy, peace because these are things I can actively do for myself.

I actually can consciously choose to take step to make a difference each day about how I feel. It’s not easy peasy because it actually takes work, action on my part.

I choose my mental state. I go out and fight to stay positive. I avoid the negatives, I resolve the resolvables so I can have my peace.

Hope you can do the same

Have a great mental health day one day at a time 🥰🇹🇹🥰


Stay in touch – small gestures

Make sure you reach out to all the people in your life and see how they are doing.

You don’t have to do a person to person. A phone call will suffice and shows you care, especially in these days of mass hysteria.

Senior relations may need rations so enquire without making them feel like they are a bother.

The infirmed May be locked in and unable to receive optimal care so check in.

Black Unity Matters now more than EVER beforein history.

So, what next?? More name calling, more disrespecting each other? So many more important things we can focus on like being especially mindful when we know someone else is not. We have been mistreated, divided and conquered over CENTURIES….don’t you think it is time we stop and think before we rush into all the emotions. I get it, sometimes we want to let it rip to feel better. But sometimes for the greater good we should not. So, let’s try to be mindful of each other. We have bigger fish to fry in the next few months and all these “issues” are all just distractions. The puppet masters are looking on and taking notes of the successes. What are you taking notes about?

What’s all the fuss 🤔😥🧐

We are all who we are just like everyone else…just like YOU!!!

Some of us are divided

Most of us are NOT!!!!

All we ask?


Financial equality



Why all the arguments?



Why are we looked at differently and treated differently? Worse than your very own pets, which you love and cherish BTW😥


No other groups are disdained. No other group are harassed.

We have had to repeatedly endure leadership being

taken away




Malcolm, Marcus, Sebe, and others.

Any move to rise results in a grave.

Seed life is everything 🌱 🌱 🌱

Seed Life

Every day I reach for some measure of hope and positivity. Something to motivate me to the next moment, day or next season.

I have to admit, it’s not easy. Lots of people make it seem easy. All you’ve got to do is believe. It takes more than that though if your foundation isn’t right. Oh boy, now we getting technical…foundations?? What is that? Well, it’s a process. A tree doesn’t just materialize from nowhere, especially a strong, healthy tree. It started as a seed, a thought, then someone planted that seed.

Someone had to love you, believe in you to plant that seed. Even if it wasn’t an intentional planting. Someone, somewhere INTENDED for you to be here. You are not an accident. Remove that shroud and know you are everything. Your seed was purposed.

The Process

Once you were planted, then that watering process began. This is where it’s tricky. Who is watering is very important you see because their energy can easily become your energy. Do they have experience watering seeds? Most do not…let’s be honest. Not everyone is Dr. Phil.

Who taught them how to water? Do you need sun or shade? Is the soil you planted in apt to allow growth through the different seasons? All important questions right? The thing is, these are variables a planter or a farmer usually takes into consideration in the life of his crops or plants.

What do people think about when they are planting a seed called a child ? What do we think about when we reproduce a child? Do we know what kind of tree will come forth as a consequence of our grafting? Sadly for many of us that answer is – nothing and no.

How can that be ? Why if a farmer wants good crops, he makes the investment of great soil , tools, etc to produce the best crops. Why is it that people do not do the same?

Why aren’t we pairing ourselves with the right mates, great manners, positive attitude, and all the attributes we desire? That’s a question we must delve into as we move into the next millennia.

We must begin the process of changing our lives and outcomes. We reap what we sow is a fact and very relevant If we want exemplary lives.

Frame your reference

In the meantime, if things aren’t perfect here is your chance to start again – take your shovels out and start tilling the soul around you. Invest in things which enriched you. What makes you happy will have a ripple effect so just be happy. Plant seeds of hope and positivity wherever you go by the things you say and do.

It’s not always an easy road. I’ll be remiss if I misguided you this way, but it’s a process and the only way for you to find your rewards, is to live life positively.

I woke up

QI woke up

This morning I woke up and said thanks.

I have a headache but I am determined to move past the obvious and live my day, not just have a day.

Even though my intentions are to live my best day it didn’t mean it is the intention of others.

Shortly after declaring my intentions negativity seeped in. I was prepared.

This noise called negativity can come in any form, so be focused and prepared not to let anyone steal your intentions.

Just know noise can be positive too. It does not always have to be negative. Use negative noise and turn it into positive.

This is for you and me. Heal yourself I needed this.

Angry Black Woman Sterotype

I was recently told my demeanor is reserved yet in another breath I’m aggressive or non congenial ??? What??? Yes, and it will behoove me to be more thankful, and I have to be more friendly and pleasant!! Wow!!!

The whole experience is almost like a dream yet I know it’s real.

I’m a firm believer in people and differences and I put my foot down when others think they can control your narrative or are in control period.

I am a black woman, that’s not gonna change. Just because I am assertive does not correlate with violence or aggression.

People have to stop that hype. Seriously!!! It is very annoying.

No matter your training, education or upbringing, if you aren’t being a fool and acting a fool you are too serious and disciplined??? Really???

Teachable Moments 📚 📖 📚 💡

Lirr – my experiences with the super privileged 🤨🧐😤🤢

I’ve been riding the rail a few years. After moving to Queens, NY and suffering through long subway rides, usually an hour and forty five minutes to two hours, based on time of day, holidays or what’s happening in the city at the time.

Riding the rail has been a great relief on my body, I can spend more productive time doing other things before and after travel times. Also the time it takes me now is no more than one hour, give or take fifteen minutes – no matter what.

This has taught me I am not as patient as I use ty to be.

I usually encounter the privileged people here and there, but they usually never impact my ride the way my ride was affected yesterday and today.

Yesterday the train was packed to the brim. I was able to find a seat, thank God but the lady (well maybe not)I was preparing to sit next to had her handbag handle on the seat so I brought it to her attention

for all intents and purposes, intending NOT to be rude and just sit on her bag strap. Was she appreciative?? NO !!!! Instead she spent the ENTIRE 20 minutes squirming and fidget – felt like I was sitting next to a worm. I learned I am able to observe and not respond because a response is not necessary.

Today it was a man – not a gentleman let’s get that clear. He was clearly uncomfortable with me sitting next to him. His attitude, he kept clearing his throat and I just kept on doing my writing. When the train came to a halt, I got up and out..happier than a pig in mud that I was finally away from such negativity. I learned someone else’s state of mind or being does not have to be mine.

It’s a new season as we all move into a new year. I am genuinely praying for recovery of the mind for people who feel they are better than others because of skin color. Those days are long gone but we are still dealing with many of the evil behavior or mental slavery.

I watch a video on Instagram of parents gifting their white Daughther with a black baby doll. Her response and especially the parents response was very sad to me.

I wonder what teachable moments will we observe in 2020?

This video is indicative of what is wrong with teachable moments ignored.

As I’m writing this blog the above video I was told was taken down or made private. So that’s somewhat good news but it’s still out there. Here’s another however smh

Hasta La Vista Baby!! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️


I am here doing as I usually do

But somehow I am ignored

Suddenly, someone else is visible

But does that make me invisible

I don’t think so…

It means I was taken for granted

You do not nor never understood my worth

Well that’s too bad honey

I do

I am not invisible, you are just blind.

And that’s all that matters in the grand scheme of things

Hasta la vista baby!!!

Habits 🎈 🎈 🎈 🎈

It’s a new month

What are some habits you would like to work on? How you think is how you’ll behave so be a better version.

Let’s start with the positives

1. Love on yourself

2. Exercise/health/pray/meditate

3. Eating better

4. Spend more time with love ones

5. Savings

6. Watch less tv

7. Read more

8. Find a hobby

9. Learn a new skill

10. Go on vacation

11. Help someone in need

12. Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted but will never afford yourself

13. Surprise someone with a phone call

14. Pay someone’s bill at the cashier if you see them struggling , even if it is a portion. The rewards are limitless

15. Do one or all of the things on your list for 15 days

Now let’s look at the negatives you would love to eliminate, be warned you may not be aware you are doing some of this stuff:

1. Stop criticizing yourself and your God given features. They make you unique.

2. Couch potato isn’t a sexy look. Move from your desk more often during the day, keep your body in motion, you are less productive if you sit too long

3. Do you control what you eat or does the food control you?

4. You don’t always have to be right nor have the last word

5. Are you consistently buying things you want or need?

6. Are you aware when you fart or burp out loud others can hear and it’s bad manners

7. Social media is not education

8. Social media is not social, it’s isolation

9. Apps are not being skillful

10. Virtual vacation is not real nor is looking at everyone else have fun

11. Don’t be a pessimist, not everyone panhandling is a bum

12. Keeping up with the Joneses is a hobby? Really? Why?

13. Be careful with your tongue it’s more than a weapon, it’s a deadly weapon

14. Your good deeds don’t have to be broadcasted or telegraphed

15. Change one or all of the things on your list for 15 days

Make a list of pros and cons unique to you and have fun with it 🥰

Service tips 💡 💡 💡 💡

Service tips

I was recently reminded by a new server at a bodega I frequent, of the tipping jar… no he did not just tell me I have to tip him?

Initially I was looking at him crossed eyed but then I realized he was new and wasn’t familiar with me as a regular patron so I bit my lips.

But to me tipping is very important because this is how many service people make up the difference in their pay scale, plus I think it is nice to receive money like this to do with as you please day to day:

1. Save for a rainy day

2. Holiday club

3. Rent

4. Car payment

5. Pay off loans

6. Buy yourself something special

7. Emergency funds

8. Children’s allowance

Usually what I do is but an amount in the tip jar once every month based on my expenses on my card. So basically I go back on my card and add up how much I’ve spent then do a percentage for tips each month. There have been months where I’ve gone less and others where I’ve done more.

It’s worth it to me to see someone smile in gratitude and also I’ve been blessed exceedingly and will continue to be blessed in so many ways because I give. Simple formula.

Also, it cost zero dollars just to be kind.

Here is a list of people you should tip, and how much…at your discretion.

Tipping scale


We do so many things which can be described as failure

1. Ignoring people in need

2. Spending unnecessarily while we can be giving to those in dire need

3. Stop and listen to what is actually being said to you rather than what you want to hear. Ask for explanations even if you think what you heard is what you heard. It takes a few seconds to explore possibilities

4. There are children and people around us daily in danger, terrified and being tortured. How aware are you? Do you care?

It looks pretty but what happens to those trafficked is not pretty

5. Speak less and listen more – I can’t say it enough!!!!!

6. Actually watch the movements of people in your environment. You will be surprised how much you discover. You may even save a life. No this is not snooping or being nosey. It’s called awareness.

7. What are you contributing to the world constructively?

8. Are you making a positive difference or a negative one? Assess yourself and if you can’t self evaluate ask someone you trust to evaluate you.

Educate yourself to the process of grooming

9. What bad habits can you discard which not contributing to healthier life? Do you smoke, drink, party, drugs, food, pimp, prostitute, gossip, hate, steal, stress, etc

10. What good habits can you pick up which can improve your lifestyle – eat less, exercise, walk, swim, meditate, pray, sleep, work balanced, play balanced, have real friends not social media friend, do not covet what is not for you and don’t believe the hype about the grass being greener because it’s all just a mirage.

There’s so much good in the world but we need to keep passing it on so that more good comes along. Pass it on and stop the evil and evil doers in their tracks. If you live in the USA being good here is just as important as being good abroad. You can’t be good here of appear to be then go abroad and be wicked, sinful and without remorse. People are people wherever you go. They are not less than because they are poor or without means. They are not animals to trap.

One Voice to End Slavery

If you are foreign and you are in need, seek help without engaging in unsavory means of supporting yourself. We have to stem the habits of the thrill seekers, the evil doers, the pedophiles, the ones looking for opportunity you may deliberately or inadvertently provide.

Poverty is an age old way of creating need and justifying crime. Let’s be more mindful and take it seconds at s time so we can help each other. Help the lost. Those who will never be found, those who are imprisoned and those being raped and tortured. Innocence lost – such a shame and we ought to bow in shame as a people for our failures.

Atlanta Murders 1979-1981

I will never forget the 28 or more children in Georgia 1979- 1981 who disappeared and never found, those who were eventually found discarded like they were worthless.

NY Times

Fast forward to 2016 the little 14 year old autistic boy Avonte right here in NYC within seconds running outside his school and disappeared never to be found alive again.

Why? Why are we doing this to each other ? What manner of sickness drives such behavior?


What does this word really mean to you?

Do you believe in community?

Who is your community?

This word is very impacting to me for several reasons, but the main ones are as follows:

1. Every ethnic group benefits from community except mine

2. Financial wealth and sustainability is strongest when you have a community base

3. The next generation are more enriched and stronger when community is ever present

Dr. Boyce Watkins

So yes, I do strongly believe in a community structure and especially that my particular ethnic group are not manipulated further into buying into everyone else’s community but ours. It is necessary for us to grow ourselves financially and no longer being duped into the overarching community structure versus the immediate which is obvious.

Talley & Twine is a brand - do you have any of their pieces!?

For me my community is comprised of all people in the African diaspora, however the immediate community of Africans in my local diaspora takes precedent in terms of buying and selling. Technology makes it possible now to reach out globally to each other financially.

Links to a few other black businesses you may or may not have heard of:

1. Zena Fadhion Jewelry

2. Jazimations Illustrations

3. MightyMuu videographer Photographer

4. Chef Elti – Chef

5. Chef Agboola Ayodeji

6. Stacey G. Event Planner

7. Figgers Communications


What is this concept of viral? Why is it so important? How can it be misused, by whom and how?

By all intents and purposes the word connotes spreading something, usually a virus or bacteria rather rapidly, thus the reason I ask these questions because recently a few videos were sent to me which went viral.

Typically I do not resend viral videos unless they meet certain criteria and are able to assist in some positive way:

1. Authorities involved in some way and assistance is needed in apprehending someone dangerous

2. Amber Alerts

3. Abuse and some endangered including animals

4. Positive vibrations ie a celebration of a milestone, a recovery from a major illness etc

You catch my drift. One of the two viral videos was pretty serious. I didn’t resend it for various reason but primarily it didn’t serve any purpose anymore since I was already receiving feedback the person was already apprehended for their abuse.

Now the second video was atrocious. It was sent to me and before I could get half a minute into it, I had to hit delete. The language, the topic and the behavior were all a very negative combination.

This in my estimation is how people are misusing viral videos. Why waste our time spreading such negativity. An old adage we should all consider – if you don’t have something good to say, then say nothing at all. Remember you have the power to impact positively or negatively with your words, now multiple that by a keyboard, then social media universe? – Think!!!!

Life should be about living quality of life, spreading joy, speaking peace and supporting each other. Anything which does not support these should be avoided at all cost. Why contribute to anything else?