Silence is restorative

I’ve found this to be a very powerful truth.

I can talk and talk and find no healing, nor resolution, but as soon as I shut my mouth, open my mind and keep my heart reasonable ( mind you, I didn’t say … pure because honestly who has a pure heart? Let’s be real).

Good against evil

We try to be as pure as we can by balancing good against evil, and that’s the best place to be in the balance where you are trying. I am scared to death of the extremes. They both create chaos in this world.

I am writing to release the tension I’ve accumulated over the last several day. Tough and heightened tensions I don’t usually experience, especially Seems like I’ve not been able to find simple solutions to any one problem I’m currently addressing. Saving grace is my positive perseverance and attitude.

So I find the positive my immersing myself into complete silence sometimes for hours. No radio, music, other voices, magazines, books, and my computer or phone.

I seek answers in silence along with peace for my own wellbeing. Without my peace I am not myself so I seek restorative silence.



We are almost there

A brand New Year is almost upon us and I am hoping, praying for balance, wisdom, strength, consistency, love, patience, kindness Respect and mindfulness for myself and everyone in 2019 and onward.

May your journey be easy.

Heartfelt Sympathy Synagogue Shooting

Pittsburgh, PA

I’m always saddened by senseless violence. When people are targeted for religious, political, or anything else for that matter, it should not be tolerated by anyone in society.

I pray this great country a covering of peace, love and God’s grace for us all, no matter our creed, or race.

Sadly the examples readily portrayed in media is perpetuating a visual reminder of hate, and intolerance. This is symptomatic of a greater Ill in society.

In order to love our brothers and sisters, we must love ourselves. If we cannot reconcile love within our individual selves, it would be most difficult to extend love to anyone else.

Let us prayer for this great country’s Healing, and peaceful reconciliation of differences.

Peace to us all🙏🏽

Mature Audience


We get involved in relationships oftentimes not for the right reasons:

1. Feeling empathy for the other person

2. Feeling sympathy for the other person

3. Anger from a previous relationship or rebound

4. Loneliness

5. Depression

6. Money issues

7. Abuse

It is important to go into relationships with your eyes wide open. The previous reasons only makes you trapped, susceptible, vulnerable, and unable to truly share your true self with another sensible person. It also allows for repeating of the same relationship mistakes.

It’s always best to have a good sit down and hash things out before jumping in. Clear the clutter or baggage, and talk as mature adults about expectations.

It may not feel romantic or feel goody, but it pays off long term. You are both happier and the pressure of being in a negatively charged relationship is now eliminated.

Women and men should be able to have friendships without sex. The expectations of sex should be removed and replaced with adult conversations, goals and expectations. The pressures and discomforts of sexual energy must be replaced with friendships.

This is the only way for relationships, especially in this day and age of bed buddies, to grow into meaningful relationships and not just ships passing each other casually in the night at bars, hotels, motels, clubs, etc.

We need to bring back meaning into relationships by being more perceptive and mindful.

I didn’t use morality because I feel it should be a natural behavior or thought. But I’ve realized over the years morality is relative to many. It isn’t, its constant. There’s good and there’s bad, no in betweens. Food for thought.

It’s a Beautiful Day!

Hello friends and family (Beloved ones),

This is a reflective day for me.  In fact the weeks behind me have been full of reflections.   My mind have been focused on how to manage myself and not others.  Did you hear me?   




How do I manage myself?  It’s a process….I start each day in prayer, asking God to show me what He wants for me that day.  I ask Him to shape my day and keep me focused on future endeavors, rather than past pain.

I also try to do the same things each day so that I remind myself that I am not perfect, and keeping reminders are okay.  Keeping a to-do list of things I must do each day is so important for me because I am a task oriented person.  If I don’t do a list of things,  somethings just do not get done!  If I start my day being discombobulated, my day is essentially wrecked.   So, I have to be careful to be on task, rest when I’m not tasking, and enjoy my life in the process.  It’s a beautiful day to me when I remember who I am, and whose I am each day.


Read if you can Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

I just found and just love it.  Try it out and say where you found them. 

If you are self-employed, or an employer looking for ways of managing or monitor employee(s) time is the way to keep yourself in the know, so that you are more effective.  is another way I keep myself focused on the word.  I have the app on my phone and I have access to it via my computer.  Very resourceful and handy. is also a great tool I use to keep me on target with what I eat, how much calories I consume, and just simply keeping myself healthy.  Start being healthy now, don’t wait until later.