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Perspective – Is it all how you look at me?


Black is beautiful etsy

Maybe can be certainly

Cannot can be can

Weak can be strong

Incapable can be capable

Disadvantage can be advantage

Black is black and beautiful and certain, which means I can be black and strong and capable with an advantage just because I’m black every day means I am positive and filled with possibilities.

Race card

It’s all how I look at me, not how you look at me. My perspective is everything because my possibilities are endless.

Black is beautiful quotes

”The secret to attraction is to love yourself” – Deepak Chopra

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Heartfelt Sympathy Synagogue Shooting

Pittsburgh, PA

I’m always saddened by senseless violence. When people are targeted for religious, political, or anything else for that matter, it should not be tolerated by anyone in society.

I pray this great country a covering of peace, love and God’s grace for us all, no matter our creed, or race.

Sadly the examples readily portrayed in media is perpetuating a visual reminder of hate, and intolerance. This is symptomatic of a greater Ill in society.

In order to love our brothers and sisters, we must love ourselves. If we cannot reconcile love within our individual selves, it would be most difficult to extend love to anyone else.

Let us prayer for this great country’s Healing, and peaceful reconciliation of differences.

Peace to us all🙏🏽

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Mature Audience Only- Dominance???


What does it mean

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Man woman

Aren’t we the samePhoto credit

Animated ?

Maybe intellectually



Not physically

Does the physical difference imply superiority and therefore dominance one over the other ?

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Or, does it suggest completeness…The very reason to come together to share, to love, procreate and then grow into something better and more beautiful than self.

Dominance is just control.

What is given, not what is taken is important and beautiful.

You cannot dominate what isn’t given freely.

Any good emperor, king, ruler will concur. His subjects follow him unconditionally based on his ability to rule with a great woman beside him. He looks to her for advise and rules with heart, wisdom, integrity, decisiveness and fairness.

Laughter is good for the spirit and the body
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It is a two way street, not exclusively male or female

We coexistPhoto credit
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Celebrate with me

I celebrate you too

Today October 23rd marks my 9 th year WordPressing. I am so thrilled right now. Thank you WordPress for providing such an awesome platform for myself and other to have the freedom of expression and creativity.

Thanks to all my followers you are the best. Looking forward to many more. Have a great day!

Peace and love